More product recalls

There seems to be a lot of “gluten-free” product recalls going on at the moment! With M&S recalling their gluten free Rich Fruit Cake last month, now here’s some more info on other products that are currently being recalled:

In the Yorkshire and Humberside area, the following beer is being recalled:

Russian beer 500ml bottles

This beer has been on sale in a chain of approx 70 Rhythm and Booze stores since June 2010 in the Yorkshire and Humberside area.

The product label does not state that the product actually contains barley, and is there fore not suitable for people with coeliac disease or avoiding gluten.

You can return this product to the store where you bought it to obtain a full refund.

In Tesco stores in the East and West Midlands, the following soup is being recalled:The Soupery Minestrone Soup, 600g, Use by: 19th November 2010.

The Soupery has withdrawn this soup from Tesco stores and notices will be displayed in the stores that sold it alerting customers to the withdrawal and detailing the actions they can take if they have bought the soup.

The soup contains wheat, but is not labelled as doing so. No other products from The Soupery are known to be affected.


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