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I don’t know where the guys behind Boom Kitchen came from, but like their name suggests, they literally just exploded onto the North Devon food scene – and they will definitely be here to stay.

There are a lot of things I love about these simple, easy-to-use gluten free curry kits. I love the fact they taste absolutely amazing. I love the fact that creators are from my home town of Braunton. I love the funky design, the witty packaging and the fresh design. But most of all, I just love a decent curry – and that’s what you get!

Add some BOOM to your kitchen!!
Add some BOOM to your kitchen!!

Boom produce a range of curry kits – korma, bhuna, jalfrezi, the slightly scary-sounding Lady Naga and their new tarka masala – and they are all gluten free. Inside the cute little brown bags you’ll find a punch of flavours – whole spices, ground spices, the Boom curry base (the magical secret weapon!) and any other dry ingredients, plus a simple, illustrated recipe for you to follow.

I love the idea of making curries from scratch but it always seems like so much effort. So many spices to buy and grind up – all just for one recipe. Not with Boom. Here you just get everything you need, in the perfect quantities, ready to chuck into the recipe with no leftovers. Perfect.

Suffering from post-Christmas blues, Steve and I needed something to pick us up – which was when I remembered I still had the lovely Boom Box in the cupboard which I hadn’t got round to using yet. Commence Operation Curry.

Inside you'll find everything you need - plus an illustrated recipe.
Inside you’ll find everything you need – plus an illustrated recipe.

It started with the korma.

We’ll give it a try, I thought, as I had some odd bits in the fridge that could do with using up. I followed the recipe with a few alterations – substituting vegetable oil for coconut oil, and adding three chicken breasts instead of two (what can I say, me and Steve eat like horses!).

I also added in a handful of spinach to up the veggie count right at the end – the result was amazing. This was delicious, sweet and creamy – just like what you would order from an Indian restaurant. It was a far cry from the crappy, watery jar sauces you often find.


The following night we thought, one more couldn’t hurt, so it was time to test the bhuna.

Despite the fact I realised half way through making this that I had no tomato puree (EPIC FAIL) I soldiered on and it was still delicious anyway!

I also had no green pepper (what can I say, I just didn’t want to get out my pyjamas and go to the shops!) but still I plodded on. The smells coming from the pan were so amazing.

Our gluten free bhuna.
Our gluten free bhuna.

It may not have been exactly as the recipe intended, but man this curry was awesome. I love bhunas and it was bursting with flavour and spices without being too hot for my milder palate.

We’re hoping to test out the Jalfrezi tomorrow night, and I may taste a bit of the Lady Naga curry when my chilli-loving brother makes it….. if I am feeling brave!

A big thank you to the guys at Boom Kitchen for letting me sample their curry kits – I would definitely recommend them! Curry night will never be the same again. You can check out their website here.

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