Lunchtime resolutions: gluten free goodies

Lunchtime resolutions: gluten free goodies

Like most people with thyroid problems, weight is an issue I am becoming increasingly more concious of.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very lucky since my thyroidectomy surgery in that my weight has seemed to have held steady, with no real gains.

One of the down sides of having your thyroid removed or an under-active thyroid is that your metabolism slows, and weight gain becomes an issue.

I think my steady weight has probably been helped a lot by the fact I follow a gluten free diet, and generally avoid processed or “bad” foods.

I am hoping this is something I can explore a lot further through this blog, as this year I am fed up of constantly feeling unhealthy.

I guess having had coeliac disease and a hyperactive thryoid most of my life, I have never really known what “normal” feels like.

I expected after having my thyroid removed that I would feel some dramatic change, but still, over one year on, nothing much has changed.

So I have decided it is time I pay more attention to my body – I saw a doctor really who gave me a bit of a reality check – I have been so busy the last few years, I didn’t even stop working on my dissertation when I was recovering from my operation.

I need to take time to myself, decrease my stress levels, eat healthier and do more (or even start!) exercise.

So, this week, I have been focusing on eating healthier lunches.

I’m not very good at making sudden lifestyle changes, so I figured if I gradually  changed all the unhealthy aspects of my life, then this would be a good way to get into it.

So this week, I have been ditching the gluten-free sandwiches and other high-carb foods over lunch. I am hoping my boyfriend Steve, who is a personal trainer, will guest post soon to explain exactly why I have done this.

So I’ve stuck to a basic formula of chicken flavoured with spices and herbs, and a variety of vegetables.

And I can honestly say I feel so much better already!

I feel so much less bloated, the higher protein content of my meals fills me up for longer and my food is so much tastier than a boring cheese sandwich!

So for some inspiration, here are my favourite two lunches this week…..

Above: Chicken smothered and roasted with pesto, with fresh spinach, asparagus and avocado.

Above: Omelette with 2 eggs, tomato, red pepper, red onion, ham, mushroom and a little bit of cheese as a treat!



  1. This is interesting because, being new to GF, the majority of the GF blogs I see focus a lot in the baking. For some reason I am sticking with veggies, fruits, and lots of protein. I am a carnivore thru and thru, so this works for me, especially because as a runner, I need the protein for muscle building. Spices have also really become my friend, just adding tons of flavor to proteins.

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  3. Lara
    January 28, 2012 / 21:30

    I know exactly what you are talking about. When I go shopping or out to lunch or dinner, I constantly have to ask if it hasn’t got whatever I am allergic to in it, what the alternatives are and then resign myself to the fact that it could be another rather boring meal. That sounds like a nightmare. Fortunately, things are getting better. At least in Toronto, my hometown. In the past few years, I have discovered quite a few eateries that specialize in gluten-free cuisine. Hibiscus Café is just one of them, but it is my favourite one. A range of dishes is not wide, but it sure tastes great. I hope that this information will bring you a new more positive look at living a gluten free life.

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