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So, the news has been slowly circulating this week that the Australians MAY have found a vaccine for Coeliacs (story here).

This got me thinking – even if there was a cure available in years to come – would I want it?

You’re probably thinking that I’m mad, but I’ve been a Coeliac for so long – it’s become a part of who I am.

Yes, I hate the constant scanning of labels, having to quiz restaurants on their food and avoiding the treats which I used to love so much.

I’ve got so used to gluten free food now that whilst I would sometimes love to be able to eat what I want, checking labels is part of my daily ritual and I kind of like my superior knowledge (ha) of what goes into the things we eat.

For example, I never knew wheat flour was in so many products, and having Coeliac disease has made me realise how many unecessary ingredients go into foods, and how much healthier some of the gluten free alternatives are.

If a cure was available, I think I would probably want it, but however tedious explaining my condition is to people I meet, I think I would miss it a little bit.

Being a Coeliac is one of my features, and whilst I would relish with open arms a cure, it would be a very wierd situation. Imagine spending 10 years of your life not being able to eat something, and suddenly you can eat what you want.

It would be an amazing thing, and I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want it – just that it would be a strange scenario. Something to mabe think about…

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