Links with Thyroid Disease – My Experience

Imagine feeling constantly tired, hot when everyone else is injumpers and scarves, and not being able to keep up with your friends walking along without breaking into a sweat – sound embarrassing? Welcome to the world of thyroid problems….

Autoimmune diseases, such as Coeliac Disease, are known to be linked to other autoimmune dieases, such as Graves disease, aka hyperthyroidism.

According to previous research, patients with hyperthyroidism run an increased rick of developing Coeliac disease in later life.

Hyperthryroidism is when your thyroid (a gland in your neck that controls metabolism) is “tricked” into thinking  it needs to produce more thyroid hormone that it actually does.

As a result symptoms include weight loss, increased heart rate, huge appetite and sensitivity to temperature.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid around the same time as I got Coeliac disease, although it was pretty invevitable I was going to get it with a family history of the problem.

I’ve been through all the tablets – my thyroid got better and went into remission so I came off the tablets after several years on them, only to find out two years ago it had gone overactive again!

More of a pain in the neck (pardon the pun!) than anything, I decided that I wanted to have my thyroid removed through surgery – one of the treatment options as well as an iodine drink and constant medication.

I have my thyroidectomy in December and I’m apprehensive but also kind of excited! It will be amazing to finally be able to keep up with my friends and be able to go to the gym and see improvements – rather than get quizzical looks from the staff when my heart rate is going above 200 when I’m only doing my warm-up!

Is my thyroid disorder and my coeliac disease linked? Probably. How many of you have had other conditions spring up before or after being diagnosed with a coeliac disease? Comment below and share your story!




  1. Pauline Tyrell
    October 28, 2010 / 10:57

    I have the reverse problem; HYPOthyroidism! This is more easily treated, with thyroxin taken in the form of a pill, with annual blood tests indicating occasional adjustments to the dose. My symptoms were weightGAIN, sluggishness, hair loss, dry skin and acute sensitivity to the cold. This was diagnosed many years before m y Coeliac Disease, and as far as I know there is no history of it in my family. However, my grandmother was,and my sister and my son are, diabetic, and I suspect my mother might have had CD., she avoided many foods that seemed to upset her and drank Kaolin&morphine by the bottle! Sadly we thought it was just mum being mum…

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