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Here’s the second installment from the box of goodies I received from The Gluten Free Kitchen the other week!

After trying some of their delicious coffee and walnut cake, I was looking forward to the lemon drizzle pudding nestled in my fridge A LOT.

This tempting look pudding packs a tangy punch

A decent portion size, I find these quite expensive at £2.25 but the quality is amazing – you definitely get what you pay for!

Looking innocently at me from the packaging, I followed the instructions and nuked it for a minute (far too impatient for oven cooking, even if my Mum does tell me microwaving food destroys the flavour!).

The first thing that struck me as I emptied the cake from it’s little plastic dish onto a plate is how amazingly soft it was.

The texture was light and springy, and it looked suprisingly like real cake!

Diving in with a fork, I was a little dubious of how lemon drizzle cake would taste warm, but it was suprisingly pleasant!

The innocent looking cake packs a mean citrus punch, just perfect – not sharp enough to make you wince but enough to make you pay attention!

This is no ordinary cake....

I always expect lemon drizzle cakes to have a crunchy, sugary top where the lemon syrup is drizzled on – this was more of a lemon flavour cake minue the drizzle, but it was so delicious I didn’t reallt care!

Full of flavour, with tangy zest, a soft sponge and just the right sized serving, this is a real treat.

Linzi, my eager taste tester, enjoyed this cake a lot! Scoffing down half, she also couldn’t believe how soft it was either and I think she’s now looking forward to the gluten free challenge I’ve roped her into doing in May!

Another good point Linzi made, which I whole-heartedly agree with, is that this would be GREAT with custard! Or ice-cream, mmmmmmmm!

For more information about The Gluten Free Kitchen, to purchase this cake or to view their other products then please click here to visit their website.

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