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When the Gluten Free Cake Lover visited North Devon recently, she very kindly decided to write a guest post about all her yummy gluten free findings….

Bio: Diagnosed as a Coeliac in 1995, i have made it my mission to track down yummy Gluten free food, especially of the sweet variety!  Originally from Bristol but have lived in London for over 10 years I give cake reviews and am a keen cake baker myself.  This blog is to share my reviews on the cakes I have tasted, and hopefully suggest some new places that you can visit. You can visit my blog here at, or follow me on Facebook (Gluten Free Cake Lover) or Twitter @gfcakelover

A visit to North Devon – by Glutenfreecakelover

Warburton’s muffins

So off we set out in the car down to North Devon, unfortunately it was raining but this didn’t dampen our spirits! We spied the sea late afternoon and found our hotel easily.

We had booked into The Rocks hotel in Woolacombe Bay, and had secured the apartment which is at the back of the house, we were shown our to our ‘flat’ by the friendly owners and I was pretty blown away, it’s very modern with two spacious bedrooms and a large kitchen and sitting room, this was perfect for our little family as our toddler had space to run around and a cot in his own bedroom.

We went straight round to our friends house who lived a few streets away for a cup of tea. My friend Susy produced gluten free Prewetts jammy dodgers and some Warburton’s muffins for me to have with my tea.

I couldn’t believe she had got hold of gluten free stuff in the village but the little local Londis had a healthy stock of gluten free essentials such as bread, cereals and biscuits.

It was the first time I had ever had a Warburton muffin and I was really surprised at how light and flavoursome it was, a good find.

My gluten free burger at the Custom House

For dinner that night we decided to stay in and cook, I had brought some gf pasta with me so I knocked up a bacon and asparagus pasta dish; I find being in a self catering apartment and being able to bring some GF goodies takes the stress out of meals on holiday.

The next day was a beautiful sunny day so we packed a picnic and went for a family day out, once lunchtime approached we had a picnic and then headed to GJ’s Dutch pancakes for desert.

I had a gluten free maple syrup pancake and it was very nice, we then went and sat on the beach.

For dinner I phoned the local Chinese Hot Wok Oriental, who informed me the only thing gluten free was boiled rice!

So we decided cooking in was the only way forward so Londis came to the rescue again with a frozen GF Baked to Taste homity pie, I had this with some chips from the local chippy, carb tastic!

The next day was our final day so we decided to go into Barnstaple on the way home, we went to Custom House for a burger in a GF bun, this was delicious!

I actually asked them 2 or 3 times was It definitely gluten free because it looked so amazing.

They informed me the East and West bakery around the corner had more GF treats so we headed there after, they showed me a tray of goodies that were gluten free so I opted for an almond finger, it was great, lovely almond flavour and a nice texture, which I ate in the car on the way home.

So overall a lovely trip down to North Devon, as it was a weekend I didn’t explore as much of the area as I would of liked, however, i am very much looking forward to my next trip as as I was pretty impressed at what the area had to offer.

Till the next time, gfcakelover

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