This week the lovely Pippa, aka FODMAP free, is blogging about the FODMAP diet in the first of a series of new guest posts. Pippa will be sharing her FODMAP experiences with you every month, so stay tuned for more posts to come!

Bio: FODMAP free is the mask of Pippa who by day is a plucky property enthusiast, but by evening can be found flouncing around her kitchen. She is on the constant hunt for anything yummy, fun and filling. Pippa has a penchant for gentle walks, unsuitable comedy and anything sparkly. You can find her elsewhere on the internet at FODMAP Free! or on Twitter @fodmapfree

What is FODMAP?

Fermentable, Oligo-saccharides, Di-saccharides, Mono-saccharides And Polyols are dietary carbohydrates which are poorly absorbed in the small intestine and fermented in the large intestine.

Sounds lovely hey! To put it simply: if you, like I and roughly 15% of the UK population, have what is politely termed as a ‘sensitive gut’, and suffer from IBS-like symptoms and/or food intolerances, then research suggests that 76% of people improve significantly on this diet. A pretty impressive stat in my opinion. And a far more enticing way of gaining symptom relief then popping pills till you rattle more than the average child’s toy.

However as with all restricted or refined diets, it seems everything and anything is out of bounds. When initially dunked into my FODMAP free lifestyle I often found myself in the position of weighing up how much I wanted to eat that thing, and suffer the consequences; or opt out, and be left disgruntled and bitter to all those tucking in around me. As the mantra says: you always want what you can’t have.

So I decided to make it my mission to learn and adapt, keeping to my diet without compromising on taste, choice or convenience.  Food is more than just sustenance, it should be enjoyed and fun, not seen as a mission on how to juggle the next meal.

And I feel I’ve cracked it! I am able to conjure up simple, fun meals with no taste difference, despite complex requirements; enjoying convenient snacks, and eating out with family and friends!

So now I wish to share what I have learnt so others can benefit. And the Gluten Free Blogger has kindly allowed to me to make a guest appearance on her blog!

FODMAP is the brain child of an Australian dietician, but is filtering through to the UK as more dieticians become FODMAP-trained. If you feel the diet could benefit you, your first stop is to hook yourself up with one of these wonderful people. They will ensure the diet is individualised appropriately and that it is nutritionally adequate and is not unnecessarily restricted. So once you’ve made a new friend and you have your ‘safe’ and ‘restricted’ lists, come back and chat favourite recipes, top tips and indulge in all other sorts of foody fun!




Disclosure: FODMAP free is not paid for her opinion. She is not a doctor or registered dietician, simply an enthusiast with a rumbly tummy.  Everything shared is based on experiences, so please consult a professional before embarking on any new food plans to alleviate symptoms. Any product reviews will be honest, and all links are recommendations, with the intention to share knowledge to benefit others.



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