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When I first found out that Newburn Bakehouse (Warburtons) were launching gluten free wraps I was jumping for joy…until I saw the price and nearly keeled over in the supermarket.

Brought out as part of a trial run in selected Tesco stores, the wraps weight in at a hefty £2.99 for three. Yes, that’s right folks, pretty much £1 a wrap!

Yes, I get that they have to take extra precautions, put in the research; I know the drill – but when you can pick up a pack of EIGHT normal wraps for the cost of ONE gluten free one, it kind of sucks. Big time.wrap4

Putting my price prejudices aside, I was impressed with how flexible they seemed and I liked the handy resealable bag (even though I planned to pretty much scoff all three in one go) so I thought I would give them a shot.

I’ve never really been a fan of Mexican in our house – normally I am confined to eating a bit of chilli with some lettuce whilst watching everyone else scoff wraps – but I was actually feeling quite excited for the upcoming meal.

The wraps are a square size – and although this still makes me feel ‘different’ (grr) it actually came in quite handy so I could easily differentiate my wraps from the evil, gluten-ous ones. Maybe there is some method in the madness after all!

Filling my wraps with a generous portion of spicy chicken, some cheese, sour cream and lettuce, I folded up my first wrap in anticipation.


Folding wraps, I have discovered, takes some practice – but luckily these wraps were really soft and flexible. I was worried like most gluten free products they would crumble to pieces, but they weren’t brittle in the slightest. Good start!

I took my first bite, and,  I’ll be honest, I couldn’t really fault them at all. They were soft, tasty and held together really well.

Even when I loaded my second wrap with chilli, they folded perfectly and didn’t leak everywhere (well, any more than the ‘normal’ wraps anyone else was eating!) – it was good to finally be able to join in the fun!

Overall, I have to say I was impressed. At the current price, they are certainly going to be a very occassional treat, but as I am trying to keep to a low-carb diet, it is probably a good thing they are expensive!

If you don’t mind the cost, these would be a great lunchbox alternative – and I can imagine a popular option for kids as well!

Have you tried the Newburn Bakehouse wraps? What did you think? Comment below with your thoughts!

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  1. I lived in the US for a couple of years and due to the large Mexican population, wraps were available everywhere. Real Mexicans use corn! Bring them over here!

  2. I have not tried these (I’m in Canada), and I would LOVE to because I used to love eating wraps before my stomach decided I couldn’t handle gluten! The price though…ouch!!! I’ll admit though…I’m willing to pay to try them, as they look like the ‘real thing’ lol

  3. I have tried and like the wraps too. It still annoys me that people try and replicate wheat wraps rather than just give us corn or maize flour wraps, which is what they should be traditionally and are in Mexico (naturally GF)

    Yes they are expensive, but far less expensive than say having a jacket potato out in a pub or buying a takeaway sandwich. £1 for the main part of a meal isn’t too bad. At least things are moving in the right direction!