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Well well well, I must apologise for being an absolutely terrible blogger over the last month or so!!

I’ve been in a bit of a dissertation coma, but having finally handed it in today (YES!) I am now free and ready to try and catch up on my blogging back-log!!

Despite having been busy busy busy, I’ve managed to eat out a few times the last few weeks and have had some GREAT gluten free experiences!!

The first one I want to tell you all about was a lovely Tapas meal with my gorgeous friends and boyfriend at La Tasca in Bournemouth!!

Situated on the Square, this gorgeous little restaurant is part of a nation-wide chain offering scrummy Spanish dishes!

As there were four of us sharing, we opted for the Tapas menu!

Luckily for me, all the gluten free options were labelled on the menu, making choosing a pain-free process!!

Unfortunately, due to an excessive amount of Sangria (which I thoroughly reccommend by the way!!) I did forget to take any pictures of the food!

But here’s the lowdown on my La Tasca experience!!

Although the gluten-free choice was not as large as I had hoped, there was still plenty for me to choose from!

Of the food I could eat, I tried…

  • Bournemouth's La Tasca

    GAMBAS PIL PIL – Sizzling King prawns in garlic and chilli oil! This was a yummy dish – with a kick! The sizzling prawns were tasty, but there was a lot of oil – wud have been better if I could have eaten bread 🙁

  • PAELLA VALENCIANA – Paella with chicken and seafood! Definitely my fave – I am a sucker for paella! It’s one of my favourite foods and I’m so glad this was GF!
  • CHAMPIÑONES AL AJILLO – Mushrooms sauteed with white wine and garlic! A tasty mushroom dish, but I would have preferred something a  bit more saucy – it was a shame none of the more saucy dishes appeared to be gluten free!
  • ENSALADA DE TOMATE Y QUESO – Goats cheese salad! This was a very generous helping of goats cheese, on ripe tomato slices and a delicious basil and garlic dressing. One of my faves of the night!

Overall, I was impressed with the food I tried, and the fact that the menu was labelled GF (though they cannot guarantee that the dishes are free from contamination due to using a kitchen with gluten containing foods).

I would like to see a bigger variation of gluten free dishes, especially as I felt a lot of the dishes are heavily oiled/etc so th

at you can eat them with bread?

But overall, a great night out, wonderful Sangria and good value for money too – I’d definitely go again!

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