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One of the perks of being a journalist (and, for that matter, a food blogger!) is the freebies.

But when I went to visit R & S Ware’s Butchers in Torrington, North Devon, I didn’t expect to be kindly handed a pack of free sausages after casually mentioning that I was coeliac!

I love the idea of shopping locally when I can, and seeing a local, family butcher stocking good quality gluten free food is a must.innuendo, apologies!) and they went straight into the pan one Sunday morning for a fry up.

Sold in the shop as frozen, I thought the price was reasonable for the amount of sausage (cringe!) you got for your money.

This happily did the whole family, and I thought they were a good quality make – none of the gristly bits you sometimes find in this sort of product.

Unfortunately R & S Ware don’t have a website, but if anyone is ever in the Torrington area, I’d definitely reccommend popping in – they’re very friendly, and got nominated to be shop of the week in the paper I work at!

I enjoyed mine with bacon, mushroom, eggs and hashbrowns….what gluten free goodies do you like in your fry up?

R & S Ware can be found in South Street, Torrington, North Devon.

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  1. Ooh, where are you getting your GF hash browns from? The only ones I know of are the ones from McDonalds!!

    Lifton Farm Shop also does lovely GF sausages in their frozen section, but I’ll try your recommended butcher when I’m next up that way!