Gluten free pizza: A genius idea

Gluten free pizza: A genius idea
Look at that happy face - that is one good pizza! (Unfortunately my camera is broken, so this is the only photo I managed to get!)

When staying at my friends’ house the other week (yes, I know I have falled a bit behind with the blogging!) we all decided to grab pizza for dinner – and I had my first experience of the Genius pizza.

The gluten free mozzarella and tomato pizza can be found in the frozen aisle, and, being the cheese-fiend that I am, I picked up some extra cheese and pepperoni just to top it off.

As someone who likes their pizzas literally dripping and overflowing with molten cheese, I always find frozen pizzas disappointing.

As usual with any frozen pizza – gluten free or non – there wasn’t enough cheese for my liking, but I piled on the extra cheddar, added some pepperoni slices, and away I went!

And, honestly, this is the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had!

The oregano-infused tomato sauce and the creamy mozzarella made this a tasty treat, and the base was crisp, thin and crunchy – just how I like it!

Being a simple cheese-and-tomato staple, this pizza is a great platform to create a range of your own diverse toppings – but it always falls back to classic pepperoni for me.

I really can’t get over how similar this pizza was to a ‘normal’ variety, and I would strongly urge you all to give it a go!

A decent size, a crispy base and a deliciously tasty and creamy topping –  I would have no hesitance in giving this ten-out-of-ten.

For more information on this and other Genius products, visit their website here.


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