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Over the Easter weekend Atlantic Village (our local outlet village) in Bideford hosted a food and craft fair, and I sneaked down to have a browse.

I love food fairs – so many delicious looking samples of local, fresh produce, and foreign delights such as Turkish delight, olives and honeyed almonds available to try.


It was great to see the shopping centre was packed, and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Kaff’s Kitchen, a North Dervon based gluten free food company I heard a lot about, but never tried.

I was in luck – I headed towards the ‘Gluten Free’ sign I spotted on a table, and low and behold, it was what I had been searching for!

Spoilt for choice with a selection of pies, tarts and cakes, I had a quick browse and decided to buy a ginger cake slice for £1, which was also dairy free, and a houmous and roasted vegetable pie for £2.25.

Not a bad price for gluten free goodies, I hastily made my way home (after trying some yummy honeyed almonds – they were delicious!) and cracked on the oven.

While waiting for the pie to cook (20 mins on Gas 6 – don’t microwave it or the pastry will go soggy!) I decided I may as well tuck into the ginger cake.


You’d never tell this was gluten or dairy free – it was the most moist cake I think I’ve ever had!

With chunks of ginger and a sticky syrup on top, it reminded me of the Mcvities Jamaica Cake I cried over when I was first diagnosed as a coeliac. To have this back in my life, well, there were no words…only smiles.

This really was delicious – sticky and sweet without being over powering, it had a strong ginger cake and it was just heavenly.

My Mum tried some too and couldn’t believe it was gluten free!

Usually, I find GF cakes have that horrible, slightly grainy texture – but this truly was amazing. Perfect. Wonderful!

After my emotional cake eating (sadly it was gone too soon) the pie was ready and wafting delicious aromas from the kitchen.


The pastry had gone a beautiful golden colour in the oven, just a little bit flaky – how it should be.

As I cut into it and tried my first mouthful, I was trying to work out what the amazing combination of flavours were.

Sweet potato, peppers, spinach, married with cumin and a faint hint of coriander with the delicate hoummous breaking through, it was simply delicious.

Of course, it would also be a great option for vegetarians – usually I opt for the meat variety but there was something about this that just swayed me.

The pastry had a great texture – crisp on the edges, golden brown and deliciously tasty, it was another great product.


I have to say, demolishing a pie and a cake in one sitting is a first for me, so I think Kaff’s Kitchen are really onto something here!

Updated: You can find our more on their Facebook page by clicking here or their website here.

Another winning gluten free company from North Devon – check them out if you get a chance!

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  1. Our Kaff’s kitchen website is or Many thanks to the gluten free blogger for your wonderful recommendation.

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks I shall update the post with the links now 🙂 Look forward to seeing you again!! x