Gluten free pakoras and tikkis at Oceanfest – perfect festival food!

Gluten free pakoras and tikkis at Oceanfest – perfect festival food!

After wading through the mud doing my liveblogging for the North Devon Gazette (home of the day job!) at Goldcoast Oceanfest this weekend, I was very pleased to find these tasty goodies!

I was actually stood rather enviously in the queue for crepes for my boyfriend when I spied the words ‘gluten free’ on the stall next to me.

Hastily, I trudged over to the Seasonal Samosas stall and the inviting aromas of Indian spices.

The stall was offering a selections of tikkis and pakoras which were gluten free, and I quickly ordered a tikki. I liked the sound of the word – but had absolutely no idea what I was about to eat!

Luckily, the nice man serving me (who I can only assume was co-owner Tom, perhaps?) had some leftover pakora, so he let me have a little bit of that to try to!

Outside the seasonal samosas stand at Oceanfest, with my yummy food! (Please excuse awful hair – it was windy!)

Still with no idea what I was eating, I bit into the hot food and found these two fried treats were delicious!

Tasty, but not too spicy, the tikki, made with gram flour, was crunchy on the outside, with a gloriously yellow inside and a mild, spicy flavour.

Turns out from my post-oceanfest research that a tikki is infact, “A Punjabi snack with a spice and seasonal vegetable filing dipped in our gram flour and spice mix and fried.” – add the word ‘delicious’ in there and I would say that pretty much covers it!

The pakora, on the other hand, was equally impressive.

Sliced vegetables sliced, dipped in gram flour and fried – turns out it was totally delicious!

The perfect food for festivals, and what a way to get over all that mud…..

For more info on Seasonal Samosas, visit their website by clicking here.


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