Gluten free on-the-go at Leon, Kings Cross, London

Gluten free on-the-go at Leon, Kings Cross, London

When you live in rural North Devon, it doesn’t get much more exciting than going to London. A far cry away from the country lanes and rolling feels, the buzz of the big city never fails to excite me.

One of the things I love the most about London is the fact there is SO MUCH FOOD that is gluten free, and it’s everywhere! At home seeing ‘GF’ on the menu is a novelty but at least here I know I can find something round the corner.

On the way to visit PT Steve’s family, we had a bit of a wait in Kings Cross and decided to visit the chain Leon. We’d first discovered this ‘naturally fast food’ place when we got stuck waiting for a late-night train last year and it was our savior from boredom and starvation!

The idea is that there’s a simple menu – most of it gluten free – and you can choose what you want and whether you want anything extra like fries (yes, yes you do – they are amazing).


I had a browse of the menu and was torn between the meatballs and chicken, so I opted for the chicken option with salad, and fries (obviously). I was pleased to see all of the gluten free options were clearly marked which made it really easy for me to navigate and choose what I wanted without having to quiz the staff.

Having just endured a long train journey, the food was a welcome sight and, I must say, didn’t last very long at all!


The chicken came with brown rice, a wedge of lemon, a dollop of mayo and a medley of salad including cabbage and beans (I think!). The lattice fries were delicious and I loved the flavouring on them – they reminded me of curly fries which I haven’t been able to find gluten free yet – so it was worth it just for that nostalgic moment!

The food wasn’t presented in a pretty way but it was fast and relatively healthy compared to the other fast food options. Ok, it was a bit of  a carb overload but hey, I wasn’t complaining!

If you’re after food on the go and you want something clearly labelled and relatively well-priced then Leon is a great go-to. It’s nice to see so many chains offering gluten free food – I just wish we had more of them at home!!

I was also please to see quite a few establishments at Kings Cross offering gluten free – including Prezzo and a Giraffe which I believe also do a gluten free menu, though I haven’t tried it yet!


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