The ULTIMATE gluten free guide to North Devon

gluten free north devon guide

My gluten free guide to North Devon is something I’ve been planning to write for a very, very long time. Having lived here my whole life, I’m so proud of all the gluten free places to eat in North Devon. As it’s a relatively big area and I get asked a lot for my recommendations, I thought the best way to do this gluten free guide to North Devon would be by food-type.

Want an at-a-glance view? Skip to my interactive map of gluten free North Devon!

 I’m planning to do some more guides for each town – like my gluten free guide to Barnstaple – but this should cover the bases of the different foods, and my top spots to try! The first section is the top five places you simply cannot miss, and the rest is broken into sub-sections. Enjoy!

I’ll look to update this guide each year, so hopefully this should cover you for summer 2019. If you find anywhere not included, please do drop me an email on so I can check it out and see if I should include it in this or another guide! And if you visit any of these places, do drop me a comment below to let me know how you got on!

My top 5 places for gluten free North Devon

gluten free north devon barricane beach curry

There are so many gluten free places to eat in North Devon, but if you have left your research to the last-minute (like I always do!) and want a quick answer, I’m here to help! My top five gluten free places to eat in North Devon are:

  • Barricane Beach Cafe for gluten free Sri Lankan curry on the beach. BYOB and enjoy a sunset picnic – just get there early! Every evening of summer, weather permitting.
  • Bull and Bear in Barnstaple for gluten free burgers. They also have a sister restaurant but I love the vibe of Bull and Bear. Their gluten free menu is top notch, with lots of added extras and the holy grail of gluten free breaded and fried food.
  • Flame Factory for the most amazing gluten free pizza. It’s fairly small here so definitely book in advance, but their gluten free pizzas are incredible. A lovely little family-run restaurant with a friendly vibe, and gluten free beer too.
  • Tea on the Green in Westward Ho! for giant gluten free cakes and scones! You’ll be astounded when you see how many of their cakes are gluten free. There’s so much choice, it’s a gorgeous tea-room and they do epic gluten free lunches too.
  • The Pier House in Westward Ho! Is a great all-rounder when it comes to gluten free food. From fish and chips to carvery, you’ll find something for everyone. Generous portion sizes and a lovely view – we even saw dolphins from our table here once!

As for the rest, I’ve broken it down into sections based by food type – enjoy!

Gluten free fish and chips in North Devon

gluten free barnstaple north devon pilton fryer gluten free fish and chips

If you want gluten free fish and chips in North Devon, you’re in luck! There are several places you can get these from, including one 100% gluten free fish and chip van.

Kate’s Plaice is my new holy grail – they serve 100% gluten free fish and chips, Tuesday-Saturday in Bideford and Westward Ho! Everything is gluten free and I just think this is the best idea. Find details of their location each day on their Facebook page.

If you’re in Barnstaple, Pilton Fryer (pictured) does gluten free fish and chips on a Monday, when it changes the oil it in fryers – parking is limited but you can sometimes find a spot on the road.

In Ilfracombe you can find gluten free fish and chips at Lynbay Fish and Chips Shop on the Quay. This is the perfect seaside location, where you can sit on the harbour wall and scoff your chips from paper wrappings – just be prepared to share them with the seagulls, or defend them well!

And for a sit-in fish and chip meal, head to The Pier House at Westward Ho! They do a fantastic gluten free menu, including fish and chips for big and little appetites, with a great view to boot. 

In Croyde this summer there is also a pop-up little van called Sustainable Fish and Chips  – I’ve only just discovered them but they say they do gluten free. When I quizzed them they said they had a separate fryer but being such a tiny van they can’t 100% guarantee – if you’re in the area it’ll certainly be worth checking them out to see what you think!

Gluten free pasties in North Devon

gluten free north devon pasties

Ok, so the Cornish over the border like the claim all the credit for pasties, but in Devon we do a pretty good job. LJ’s Pantry (pictured) is my top recommendation – they’re second to none! They are based out at Fishleigh Barton in the beautiful countryside, but they also showcase at plenty of markets including North Devon Show in August and the monthly Barnstaple Real Food Market, which is on the second Sunday of every month in the pannier market.

In Croyde, The Old Cream Shop stocks a range of gluten free pasties which you can buy, separately wrapped. You can also pick up some of the same Baked To Taste gluten free pasties at Barnstaple Bakery – they’re a really great option to take home and bake. If you’re visiting the seaside, then The Tuck Box in Lynmouth also sells gluten free pasties.

Gluten free cream teas in North Devon

gluten free north devon cream tea

It wouldn’t be a visit to Devon without a cream tea, and there are some great gluten free cream teas in North Devon. Just know that if you put the jam on first, we’ll boot you out. First and foremost I have to mention Tea on the Green in Westward Ho! For their GINORMOUS gluten free scones (they have a great cake selection too – see coffee shops below!).

If you’re over Ilfracombe way, then Hele Corn Mill is another great place for a gluten free cream tea in North Devon – it’s best to ring ahead and order gluten free scones so you don’t miss out! Tea by the Taw in Barnstaple offers beautiful gluten free cream teas as well, served with beautiful china in the cutest tea room ever. 

If you’re visiting the beautiful villages of Appledore or Instow, pop into Johns for gluten free cream teas on request. Both have a gorgeous view of the sea and plenty of gluten free cakes as well. Plus the Appledore shop does a gin cream tea (pictured) which is a must try!

Gluten free ice-creams in North Devon

gluten free north devon 80

There are plenty of places you can grab some form of gluten free ice-cream in North Devon, but I know what you’re really asking – where can I find gluten free ice-cream in a gluten free cone!? Have no fear, there are plenty of places you can find gluten free ice-cream cones in North Devon!

In Ilfracombe pay a visit to Joey’s (pictured) on the seafront for some AMAZING gelato, available in tubs or gluten free cones. In Lynmouth you can also enjoy some delicious ice-cream in a gluten free cone from Mavis Thrupton’s of Lynmouth – a tiny little kiosk which I never expected would sell gluten free cones, but they did! They also have diabetic-friendly ice-cream and sheep’s milk ice-cream too!

And Croyde pop-up Little Spoon Ice-Cream can often be found in the village or at local events serving up the coolest ‘stir-fried’ ice-cream. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Gluten free pizza in North Devon

gluten free north devon pizza

My new absolute favourite restaurant for gluten free pizza in North Devon has to be Flame Factory in Appledore (pictured). Their gluten free pizzas are ‘normal’ sized and come with the most delicious array of toppings.

However, I love Pig and Olive’s gluten free pizzas equally! They have two venues in Westward Ho! – their own pizza stand on the Pebbleridge as well as the brand new Pig on the Beach. Both of these eateries are worth a try!

In Ilfracombe you can check out Slice of Devon for gluten free pizzas on request. I’m yet to test their restaurant out but from their Facebook photos they look incredible. Of course, if you’re feeling less adventurous, you can find Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Dominos’ in Barnstaple too.

Gluten free burgers in North Devon

gluten free north devon burgers

When it comes to gluten free burgers in North Devon, ‘build-a-burger’ restaurant Custom House and its sister pub Bull and Bear reign over the region. They have an absolute tonne of gluten free options including gluten free burger buns, mozzarella dippers, chicken dippers and more, plus new vegan burgers too.

62 The Bank, also in Barnstaple, offers gluten free burgers with a variety of options. Also in Barnstaple you can find Tarko Lounge, one of the Lounges chain which offers a massive gluten free menu. This includes some pretty epic gluten free burgers – including with gluten free fried chicken!

If you’re in Westward Ho! then make sure you check out Pig on the Hill (pictured) for their selection of giant gluten free burgers – the one with pulled pork is an absolute feast! 

Gluten free carvery in North Devon

gluten free north devon 53

Nothing beats a carvery before a Sunday afternoon walk, and you’ll be pleased to know there are lots of options for a gluten free carvery in North Devon. One place I enjoyed an EPIC Sunday lunch was The Carlton in Ilfracombe (pictured). They have a huge gluten free menu which even included some incredible roast beef and giant homemade Yorkshire puddings.

The Pier House in Westward Ho! has a fantastic gluten free carvery, with gluten free gravy and lots to choose from. Brend Hotels in Barnstaple such as The Park Hotel or The Barnstaple Hotel also do a good gluten free carvery, with all the classic trimmings you could ask for.

Gluten free coffee shops and cafes in North Devon

gluten free barnstaple treat time (5)

There are so many coffee shops and cafes offering gluten free in North Devon, I’m not even sure where to start! Tea on the Green in Westward Ho! is my ultimate favourite for giant gluten free cakes, sandwiches, cream teas, nachos and jacket potatoes. Tea by the Taw and Queen Anne’s on The Strand in Barnstaple both offer gluten free options for lunches too.  Treat Time (pictured above) does some gluten free cakes and an afternoon tea too.

Block in Butchers Row, Barnstaple, is my absolute FAVOURITE lunch stop, with so many amazing gluten free options for lunch. Other good gluten free options in Barnstaple include Boston Tea Party and The Lemon Next To The Pie which both offer some yummy gluten free lunch options. Just down the road from Barnstaple you’ll find the beauty spot of Fremington Quay Cafe where they have a great range including gluten free breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes. 

In Braunton you can find Wild Thyme which has a selection of gluten free cakes, breakfasts and lunches. Further down the road in Croyde there’s also The Stores which offers gluten free coffee, cake and bread. The newly-revamped Blue Groove (pictured below) also has a good range of gluten free lunch and dinner options, and a lovely outdoor space to sit in. I can HIGHLY recommend the Gado Gado and their banoffee pie – but they do gluten free cream teas a well! There’s also the National Trust Sandleigh Tea Room at Baggy Point which has plenty of gluten free options for cake and coffee.

gluten free north devon blue groove croyde

In Bideford The Chocolate Teapot in Mill Street offers some gluten free cakes. Cafe du Parc is my absolutely favourite for the most amazing galettes and gluten free crêpes. And The Big Sheep you’ll fine The Barn Cafe which has some gluten free options among its many cakes.

Charlie Fridays in Lynton offers lots of gluten free cake and lunch options in a super quirky setting. At Heddon’s Mouth you’ll find The Hunters Inn which has some lovely gluten free cakes and lunch options, with some beautiful walks nearby. And in Clovelly The Red Lion offers lots of gluten free options including bread, for a lovely sea view lunch. They also do great dinner options too.

Other gluten free eateries treats in North Devon

gluten free north devon 84

For some delicious cakes and hot drinks check out The Cupcakery in Butchers Row, Barnstaple – there are always gluten free cupcakes on offer and they taste amazing. On the Tarka Trail at Yelland you’ll find Bake and Brew selling delicious gluten free bakes and treats from a cute tricycle. 

If you have children check out World of Wonder Play at Affinity Devon in Bideford for an awesome indoor play area and lots of gluten free options on the menu for big and little people. And Let’s Go in Barnstaple is the region’s bowling alley which serves a fabulous selection of gluten free beer, as well as gluten and dairy free shakes. 

For dinner ideas try Jalapeños in Barnstaple for a Mexican restaurant which is largely gluten free, or Monty’s Caribbean Kitchen, also in Barnstaple, for the most amazing Jamaican food, most of which is gluten free too. I also visited Everest Ghurka Chef in Barnstaple and they made me some lovely Nepalese gluten free food in Maiden Street (BYOB!). 

If you’re in the Barnstaple area I’d also highly recommend a visit to Broomhill Art Hotel and Sculpture Garden. Most of their tapas is gluten free and there’s SO much you can eat! Plus the views are beautiful, the staff are lovely, and there are lots of dairy free/vegan options too.

My gluten free North Devon map!

To make life a little bit easier, here’s my gluten free map of North Devon! Blue pins are eateries and restaurants, Green are coffee shops and sweet treats. Orange are some family attractions which are gluten free and purple is ice-cream! I really hope this helps you navigate gluten free North Devon!


Anything else!?

I realise I have probably forgotten loads of places, and there are plenty of chains too but I would definitely recommend trying all the independent places first! I’ll be updating this guide as I find more places so please do keep me posted if you spot anywhere. Don’t forget to check out my gluten free Barnstaple guide too if you’re visiting North Devon. 

Visiting another part of Devon? Check out this EPIC gluten free Devon guide from my friend and fellow coeliac blogger Laura at My Gluten Free Guide too. 

Gluten Free North Devon Guides

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  1. Emma B
    June 12, 2019 / 20:29

    Country cousins in westward Ho do a gluten free carvery 😋 and plenty of desserts (hot and cold) to choose from

    • Sarah H (GF Blogger)
      June 13, 2019 / 13:03

      Ohhh have never eaten there, will have to try it out! Thanks!

  2. Rosie
    February 7, 2020 / 10:20

    This is amazing! I’m going to North Devon on holiday next week and thought I would check to see if you have any guides to eating out in the area (as I know from following you on instagram you’re from Devon) and this is going to be my bible!!
    Thank you so so much 🙂

    • Sarah Howells
      February 7, 2020 / 14:28

      Yay! I’m so glad I could be of help – loads of suggestions here, I hope it’s helpful!!

  3. Marie
    September 18, 2020 / 11:59

    Hi Sarah. Love this guide and have tried many of these. My favourite has to be Morans in Westward Ho! They do GF options and their yellow Thai curry is gluten free (and can be vegan). Love Kate’s Plaice take away fish and chips! There’s a new take away on Mermaid Walk in Barnstaple that is a falafel and bhaji place; they do loads of Buddha bowls, curry nights, falafel and bhajis as well as GF cakes and desserts. It’s called Roots.
    Re pasties, my absolute favourite are from Gluten Free Picnic; he’s at South Molton market on Thursdays but also does mail order for pasties, amazing shortcrust and sweet pastry, and does delicious quiches and cakes (slices or whole cakes). Not tried Flame pizzas (but will) but agree Pig & Olive are great. Lush restaurant in Barnstaple also do plenty of GF options. Thank you for such a great article. I’ll save the link. X

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