Gluten free Mexican in Barnstaple

Gluten free Mexican in Barnstaple

Ok so before I start this post, let me first apologise for my lack of blogging! In between starting my first proper grown-up job as a journalist for the North Devon Gazette this month, creating a brand new wedding magazine with my friend and several other side projects, I have gone from sofa to full-time workaholic at about a million miles an hour.

That being said, I actually had a free evening (first one in weeks!) and my friends and I went out for a meal for my lovely friend James’s birthday.

When I heard we were going to Jalapeno Peppers, I was torn. On the one hand, I was delighted – I knew from a guy I used to work next door to that they had a range of foods that were labelled gluten free, happy days!

On the other hand – and I apologise to James if you’re reading this, I may have neglected to mention – I really don’t like Mexican food.

I’ll be the first to admit my experience of Mexican food has been very limited, but I thought hey, it’s my friends birthday, and I’m going to give it a go! And surely, with a range of tortillas and other flour-based products on offer I wouldn’t be able to eat much anyway. Right?


I went for the Enchiladas, what would you choose??

Jalapeno Peppers gave me a wonderful suprise with their menu. Enchiladas, tacos and fajitas are all a gluten free option! Normally, the shop-bought versions are stuffed with wheat flour, so in the name of being brave, I just had to try these!

I went for chicken enchiladas – tempted by the cheesy topping (I am a nightmare with cheese, ask my personal-trainer boyfriend who hates me for it!) I decided it was a safe choice.

Jalapeno Peppers is the only mexican restaurant in Barnstaple, and I’m really glad I have tried it. In the interest of fair comment, I will put aside the fact that I have realised I still, definitely don’t like Mexican food, because I can’t fault them one bit on my meal.

It was so nice to feel included – that I could eat such a wide range of options and not have to order off a separate menu from my friends, like most places.

Delicious enchiladas, and the best guacamole EVER

The serving was generous – a dish of yummy looking enchiladas with a side salad – and we even had a small serving of nachos with salsa dip on our table on arrival, which was delicious!

Considering my distaste for Mexican food, I was really impressed with my food. It had just the right amount of spice, a delicious topping of melted cheese and the most AMAZING guacamole I have ever, EVER tasted. I think I would happily go back and just eat a giant bowl of it!

The prices aren’t bad either, and I really would rate this for a restaurant with a fun and friendly atmosphere.

So if you’re in the area and you think Mexican food is out of bounds, think again!


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  1. hanzattitude
    January 24, 2012 / 15:49

    Sooooo glad to see you enjoyed your meal at Jalapeno’s and… I love the fact that you blogged about it.

    A, once again, brilliant read that ‘tickled my tastebuds’


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