Gluten free Japanese rice crackers – great for sharing

Gluten free Japanese rice crackers – great for sharing

Forget dull and boring rice cakes, rice crackers are where it’s at nowadays.

As I type, I’m currently munching on a pack of Sakata classic cheddar rice crackers – dubbed “tasty Japanese rice crackers.”

Well, they got that right!

These small but mightly crackers pack a punch with the flavour – and despite initially thinking they would be, they are nothing at all like boring, dull rice crackers.

Crispy and crunchy, these little snacks are great for parties – the perfect sharing food – and light on fat and calories.

I imagine they would be great with dips too, but unfortunately I scoffed most of my samples before I thought of this – they were just too yummy!

As well as classic cheddar I have tried the classic BBQ and cream cheese and chive flavours, which I was equally impressed with.

These little crackers have such a big flavour, I think they make a great and healthier alternative to crisps.

Hailing from Australia, I’m glad these beauties have reached the UK shores, and I know I’ll be grabbing a few packs next time I have friends around!

For more info and to see the full range of products, visit the Sakata website here.


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