Gluten free fitness: the one-week-until-my-holiday countdown commences

Gluten free fitness: the one-week-until-my-holiday countdown commences

Although my overall goal to get totally ripped is my holiday in September, I’ve been working hard for the first step – an amazing holiday with my best pal to Portugal – in one week‘s time!

Oh yes, this time next week I will be tanning it up in sunny Portugal, sipping on Sangria and eating lots of tasty seafood – and also tracking down gluten free haunts – for a well-earned five day break.

So the past week it’s been a real blitz to try and blast off as much fat as possible before I go to fit into the amazing [and eye-wateringly expensive] bikini I have purchased for the occasion!

I faced my arch nemesis this weekend – returning home from work to find the family scoffing my one true weakness….pizza.

The tempting thought of my all time favourite gluten free pizza brought me extremely close to tears, but I knew there had been a difference in my body that week after eating really well (mostly to make up for Easter!) and I was only a day or two from my next body fat reading, so I pulled through!

Instead, PT Steve and I made ‘meat-za’ – chicken breast butterflied and topped like a pizza – all the amazing taste, but with non of the bloating, bready-y badness!

We topped our chicken with a tomato and garlic sauce (home made), sweetcorn, orange pepper, mozzarella and a little bit of chorizo…

Before it goes in the oven...
Before it goes in the oven…bake at Gas 6 for approx 25 mins
After it comes out, looking delicious!
After it comes out, looking delicious!
Serve with salad and greens - yum!
Serve with salad and greens – yum!

I love dishes like this – they’re a great way to get creative and it still feels like you’re eating something pizza-like, without all the badness! Of course, you could add all sorts of veg and really mix it up each time – I bet it would be amazing with goats cheese too!

I’ve also been trying a couple of other things to clean my diet up.

Every morning I am trying to drink a pint of water with a couple of slices of lemon squeezed into it. The acidity is great for your stomach and it helps with your cortisol (stress) levels – something I am suffering with at the moment!

I’ve also been keeping up with my smoothies – I’ve been experimenting with adding veg as well! Try a handful of spinach blended with raspberries and a juiced lemon for something a bit zingy, or add cucumber with blueberries fot a fresh tasting drink.

It’s been great fun experimenting (although some haven’t been so great!) and now PT Steve has bought himself a new blender, so things could go crazy in the kitchen!

I’ve also been trying to up my fibre intake by adding flaxseed to my smoothies…


I found this pack for £4.99 in Sainsbury’s and it was the best value one on the shelf – I’ve also added it to my meatballs and I’ve found not only does it add fibre, but it also helps them stick together a bit better too (and it’s labelled gluten free – result!)

So with one week to go, and my pizza cravings worse than ever, I need to stay strong and try and drop that little bit extra before my hols! My body fat has dropped by nearly 2% in two weeks – so I must be doing something right!

I’ve also started a Body Balance class with my friend which I LOVE and today I tried out my new yoga dvd for beginners I’ve bought – the plan is to use these to increase my flexbility and destress!

How are your fitness goals going? What healthy tips and tricks do you have for those on a gluten free diet? Share them by commenting below!


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