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Today is one of my favourite working days of the year – North Devon Show – where I get to walk around a field in my wellies, meet loads of cool people and feel like a proper country bumpkin.

In among papping people for my day job, I like to sneak into the food tent and see what new gluten free goodies I can discover! I only got a brief glance round today, but I wasn’t disappointed!

Tam’s Pantry were the first thing I saw when I walked into the food tent – with huge ‘gluten free’ signs everywhere! Run by a husband and wife team with years of catering experience, they had a huge selection of gluten and dairy free cakes. They all looked scrumptious!
nga north devon show 2016 (68)

nga north devon show 2016 (73)

nga north devon show 2016 (72)

Next to them was The Mixing Bowl with a whole range of interesting looking preserves. The banana curd caught my eye – such an unusual idea – and I had to have a taste. It was a pretty unique flavour but I really liked it and I now wish I had bought some!

nga north devon show 2016 (66)

Further along I found Olives+, who had an amazing array of barrels brimming with sun-drenched flavours. I love olives and it was very hard to walk away from this stall without buying everything!

I think they exhibit in Barnstaple and South Molton markets sometimes, so I will have to try and track them down and get some.

nga north devon show 2016 (74)

Lastly I came across my old friends Johns of Instow and Appledore. As expected, they had gone all out with a delicious spread, including gluten free pork pies. Anthony very kindly offered for me to try some of their new salads and I was really impressed. The maple beetroot and sweet potato was so amazing, I could have eaten the whole tub!

nga north devon show 2016 (78)

I am sure there were probably loads of fabulous producers with gluten free foods but I just didn’t have time to get around all of them. It was probably one of the best North Devon Shows I’ve been to – not too hot, hardly a spot of rain – and I loved watching the monster trucks too!

Did anyone else go to North Devon Show? Did you spot any gluten free goodies I missed? Comment below and let me know if you found anything good!

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