Gluten free Devon pasties!

Gluten free Devon pasties!

Considering I have worked in a pasty shop for the past four summers, it may come as a bit of a suprise that I only had my first taste of a gluten free pasty this week!

When taking a stroll with my family along Baggy Point in Croyde, I was drawn into Baggy’s Surf Cafe by a blackboard bearing those alluring three words…

“Gluten Free Available”

I was very pleased to find a selection of gluten free pies, pasties and cakes displayed in the fridge, from a delicious Devon-based brand I have recently discovered: Baked to Taste.

Baked in Honiton, I am seeing  more and more of these products spread around the North Devon area, and hopefully we’ll even be getting some in my work soon (fingers crossed – an ongoing project!!)

A proper Devonshire pasty!

Having spent four years serving golden pasties with no idea what they taste like, it was only right that I opted for the Devon Steak and Potato Pasty!

I was impressed by the size of the pasty, a welcome change from the normally minature gluten-free products on offer!

This, I am pleased to say, was the perfect sized pasty for a lazy Sunday lunch!

Although it was already cooked, I decided to heat mine in the oven to warm me up after the brisk walk!

With golden, crumbly pastry and packed full of meat and potato, this pasty was definitely a welcome treat!

The filling was peppery and very warming, making me feel wholly satisfied!

The steak was lean and there was a perfectly balanced ratio of meat to potato.

Overall I was very impressed with this pasty!

Here’s some piccies to show how yummy it was – you can order them online, and I would thoroughly reccommend!!

For more information on the Baked to Taste range, visit their website here



  1. Steph
    July 25, 2011 / 08:54

    I was on the stand next to this company at The Allergy Show at Olympia in May, and what a good bit of luck that was!! Not only are these pasties the most delicious that I have had, their sausage rolls are gorgeous too. I came back from the show, after buying a few of each to put in the freezer for another day!! The people run the company are really friendly, and genuinely care about making and providing gluten free products, and I think this shows in the wonderful products that they make.

    • Sarah Howells (GF Blogger)
      August 17, 2011 / 16:15

      Steph – we got a delivery of samples into my work and they are the most amazing pies I have ever tasted!! So have finally persuaded my boss to sell them (but that’s a whole new blog post!) I think the fact they care about their products really shows…..rather like with your cakes!! YUM!

  2. Emma Speake
    September 27, 2011 / 13:36

    Love these pasties! I buy them frozen from Goodness Direct

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