Gluten free cupcakes and ‘cruffles’ from JEM’s Cupcakes

Gluten free cupcakes and ‘cruffles’ from JEM’s Cupcakes

Recently I have been introduced to the idea of ‘cruffles’.

A cross between a cake pop and a truffle, when I was sent some samples from Rowena at JEM’s Cupcakes I was intrigued!

Cute, iced little cake balls, they came in a selection of boozy flavours and delightful colours.

From pina colada to Jamaican rum punch, I couldn’t wait to tuck into these little beauties.


First up was rum punch – in a gorgeous pink iced case with sparkles, this little cruffle packed a tropical punch!

Second, in sunshine yellow, the pina colada cruffles were sweet and reminded me of holidays in the sun.

And the cream coloured Baileys cruffle – my personal favourite – was creamy and boozy – the perfect combination.

I really loved the idea of these – I could see them wrapped up as a gift for a friend – bite sized cakes with that idea of a box of chocolates.

I loved the texture as well – they almost reminded me of marzipan – they really were delightful.


Rowena also very kindly let me try some cupcakes – beautifully decorated, the rich chocolate cake and vanilla variety with a gorgeous, iced rose were great tasting, and didn’t feel like I was eating specifically GF food.

But the cruffles really stole the show – a unique idea and I loved the alcoholic theme – 10/10!

Find out more about JEM’s cupcakes on their Facebook page by clicking here.


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