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Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably already panicking about the distinct lack of presents you’ve bought. In fact, I don’t even have a tree yet! Cue panic stations. But not to worry, because if you’re short on time you can almost certainly find something down the free from aisle these days that would make a lovely gluten free Christmas gift.

There are SO many lovely choices when it comes to gluten and dairy free Christmas gifts in the supermarkets at the moment. If you’re looking to grab a quick Secret Santa present or just want to get something on-the-go then these would all be a fantastic option.

Made Without Dairy chocolate selection box

gluten free marks and spencers christmas food |

This is a lovely gluten and dairy free chocolate box filled with soft-centred treats. Perfect for someone with multiple allergens – I believe they might be nut free as well.

Arden Amici gluten free panettone

gluten free waitrose christmas food 20

This gluten free panettone from Arden Amici is sold in Waitrose and is so beautiful – it would make a lovely little gift or a great stocking filler for a gluten free friend or family member.

Waitrose glittery chocolate avocado

gluten free waitrose christmas food 19

This isn’t a specifically free-from gift, but who doesn’t love a giant, glittery chocolate avocado, right?

Holland and Barrett gluten free & vegan shortbread biscuits

gluten free christmas products 2019 5

Hurrah, a tin of gluten free biscuits! I don’t know about you, but gluten free biscuits rarely come in a tin so I find this very exciting. This would be a lovely gift for someone who is gluten and dairy free.

Tesco Finest Truffle Selection


Check out these lovely truffles in Tesco – they’re free from gluten, wheat, dairy and egg, so perfect for someone who is avoiding a variety of allergens, and proof they can still enjoy Christmas!


These cookies sound fantastic – a mixture of triple chocolate cookies and blood orange and dark chocolate cookes. All gluten and wheat free and found in Tesco’s free from aisle.

Sainsbury’s vegan mini chocolate gingerbread people

sainsburys gluten free christmas food

I think these would be a lovely treat for the gluten free vegan in your life – and something a bit different. They’re so cute and guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face.

morrisons gluten free christmas food 2

This little tin of gluten free oaty cookies is also vegan and super cute. It would be a great stocking filler! It comes with chocolate chip, ginger and plain biscuits.

M&S prosecco cocktail jellies

gluten free marks and spencers christmas food 22

Just an important public service announcement that these prosecco cocktail jellies ARE gluten free. In case anyone wants to buy me some…

Asda decorate your own gingerbread men

gluten free christmas products 2019 1

I think this would be such a cute present for children – and a great activity for Christmas afternoon. They’re free from most allergens and a nice little activity between lunch and dinner.

Sainsbury’s chocolate Santas

gluten free new finds 2019

These little gluten and dairy free chocolate Santas are a great ideas for Christmas stockings, especially if you have children who can’t have dairy and/or gluten.

M&S Swiss milk chocolate truffles

accidentally gluten free products UK 23

I absolutely LOVE these truffles from M&S – they’re gluten free though you’ll find them with the ‘muggle’ food. Think Lindor chocolates – they’re just like them!

Nutri free gluten free panettone 

gluten free panettone sainsburys

This panettone from Sainsbury’s is massive – definitely one to buy as a family gift. Or for someone who just really loves panettone! 

gluten free new products september 2019 5

This is a lovely variety pack for someone who really loves a biscuit! A mixture of gluten free cookies and shortbread – a perfect gift for sharing. If you can bear to, that is!

Asda candy cane choc bar

gluten free christmas food asda 2019 10

Another find which is perfect for children – this gluten free Choc Candy Cane from Asda is vegan as well as gluten free, meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone!

What else have I missed?

I’ll also be publishing my full gluten free Christmas gift guide very soon, but hopefully this will give you some ideas if you’re pressed for time. Plus all of these options are all super cheap and under £10! Let me know if you’ve spotted any gluten free Christmas gift ideas in the supermarket that I’ve missed in the comments below!

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