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This is the first year I’ve properly got into the Great British Bake Off – it’s a kind of sweet torture every Tuesday evening, my mouth watering over the delicious looking cakes I know I can’t eat. But the world of gluten free cakes has moved on a lot since I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease. Gone are the brick-like chocolate cake bars which crumble in your mouth like sand – and a big hello to brands like Munchcake, and they’re delicious tray bake cakes.

I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in [chocolate] heaven....
I’m finding it hard to believe, we’re in [chocolate] heaven….
While there are cakes-a-plenty in the free from aisles now, I struggle to find something grander for a special occasion. If it was a friend of colleagues birthday, I know I could nip out and get a reasonable cake for a party, but the gluten free offerings are limited. Ok, to be fair, I would normally bake it myself and haven’t really done much research – so correct me if I am wrong – but it seems the supermarket offerings are somewhat small and not very grand when you want to make an impression.

Giant cakes = happy Sarah
Giant cakes = happy Sarah

I didn’t know what to expect when Fiona at Munchcake messaged me and asked if I would like to sample her tray bake chocolate cake. What I did not expect, however, was the eye-popping, jaw-dropping party extravaganza that landed on my doorstep. Finally, a cake that I would be proud to serve up at any celebration!

The generous cake – RRP £20.99 delivered – was enough to share around my family, Steve, his mum and an army of hungry colleagues who I foolishly tipped off about the delivery. I was so impressed with this cake, and I wasn’t alone. They also freeze for up to three months, but unfortunately there wasn’t any left for me to test that theory…

Thick chocolate frosting, moist sponge....*drools*
Thick chocolate frosting, moist sponge….*drools*

First impressions count, and my first impression quite literally was ‘wow!!’, followed by a little jump for joy while no one was looking. Caked in lashings of chocolate frosting and decorated with chocolate flakes and buttons, this was a seriously impressive looking cake.

As I cut into the cake it was clear Munchcake didn’t skimp on the frosting – which made me fall even more in love with this piece of heaven. The sponge looked moist and it cut really easily – but the real test was in the taste.

And my God, what an amazing taste! The sponge was so light – I managed to eat a fairly hefty slice and it didn’t leave me feeling bloated at all. Everyone who had a slice couldn’t believe it was gluten free, it was just so moist and tasty! The sponge had a rich chocolate flavour and frosting was sweet without being sickly.

I was so impressed with this cake, from the size and look to the flavour and texture – it was just all amazing. At the price, I’d probably still have a go at baking a celebratory cake rather than ordering this, but if I was short on time I would definitely head straight for this company. They also do a white chocolate and raspberry, and a carrot and pecan variety as well, so who knows, I may have to order some more after all!

To find out more about Munchcake and view their other offerings, click here.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the cake! I’m hoping to add to the range and have a savoury option available soon.