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I’ve written about Costa Coffee’s brownie before, but as I seem to be spending the majority of my spare time (and cash) guzzling lattes in this wonderful coffee shop, I’ve been meaning to tell you about something very special.

It was actually my friend Gayle (thank you, by the way, because I haven’t seen you to say it since!) who introduced me to these gorgeous little cherry bakewells.

These mini delights are relatively new to Costa, and come in a little pack of two – perfect for sharing if you have a food-envious boyfriend like myself!

Gayle very kindly bought me a pack of these when she saw them in Costa, but as I ate them so quickly, I thought it was only fair on you guys that I go back and buy some more to photograph…right?

These little treats are really yummy – crumbly pastry that melts in your mouth, a squishy, almond sponge and sweet icing.

Oh, and not to forget, the cherry on top – classic bakewell attire!

This brings Costa’s gluten free offerings up a little – with them now offering brownie, fruit and these.

I’d still love for them to offer sandwiches like Starbucks do – and who knows, perhaps one day they will?

Until now though, these are great with a coffee, and just so cute! They make my coffee look enormous….perhaps time to start cutting back on the caffeine!?

Tiny bakewell, gigantic coffee!

What’s your favourite coffee shop? Which one do you think offers the best gluten free range? Comment below and everyone know what goodies you’ve found!

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  1. I prefer Costa to Starbucks these days, as Costa make better Soya coffee…have not tried the Bakewells, but as Monday is coffee day, (having to ration myself to 1 day a week and payday!) , I shall try them. 🙂

    I wish they would do sandwiches too, especially when travelling on Motorways, as I always end up with sushi [with out the soy sauce] from M&S….

    1. I like the idea of coffee day! Unfortunately every day has become coffee day for me, it’s an unhealthy and expensive habit 🙁 But oh so good!
      I don’t think it would be too difficult for them to do sandwiches, in fact, I may just write to them right now and tell them so! Oh – and I’m glad someone else does that with the sushi from M&S – guilty as charged! x

    2. Costa used to sell gluten free sandwiches and they were delicious. Then one day they were no more. I have asked most every time although the shop staff do not know!!

  2. I got these the other day and had to fight the kids away from them. The guy behind the counter in Newquay must have though I was insane – jumping up and down when I saw them and scoffing one before my coffee was even ready!!…and I don’t think your coffee was too big – your tarts were too small!!

  3. Do you know if these cherry tarts are available in Australia. I discovered them when I visited London and are great.