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It’s been a busy month travelling round the country, and the other weekend I was in Cornwall for my Grandma’s 90th.

On the day of the party, we found ourselves at a loose end before we could start the preparations, so we took a little jolly down to Lamorna.

A pretty little harbour, despite the endless drizzle of the day, I was pleasantly suprised when we stopped at Lamorna Pottery for a cup of coffee.

Situated along a little country road, this pretty little pottery features a garden and conservatory (which we had to use due to the rain!) cafe serving light meals, coffees, and most importantly, gluten free cake!

Those of you who have seen my previous post on polenta cake, will know that I am completely in love with using this versatile ingredient in cakes.

Polenta cake and a latte, a match made in heaven!

So when I saw a sign shouting “gluten free polenta cake” at me from the counter, I greedily brought a slice to go with my latte!

Although this was the only gluten free cake on the menu, I did notice they had “gluten free available” written on the menus, and so I would imagine if you were stopping by for lunch this could be a good option!

The cake was a funky shape, and the portion was generous.

I love the vibrant colour the polenta gave to the cake, and the texture was gorgeous.

Not too sweet, this was the perfect cake for someone who, like me, can’t bear overly sweet desserts.

The texture was soft and moist, reminding me almost of steamed syrup puddings I used to buy…minus the syrup!

Sitting the conservatory watching the squirrels dart through the rain outside was a lovely experience, and it really was a pleasant stop on our way down to Lamorna bay.

Overall I was really pleased with the quality and taste of the cake – which was home made – and would definitely stop by if I was in the area again!

I must also note that the pottery was gorgeous! Had I had more spending money, I may have dabbled a little into buying some goodies…perhaps next time!


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