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It was only the other day I was telling Steve how much I wanted to try delicious looking French pastries, croissants, and the like which adorn the bakery windows and fill me with envy. So when I spotted Genius’ gluten free pains au chocolat on the shelf at Tesco, I had to have them.

gfb genius pain au choc (2)

I’ve been eating (relatively) healthily the past few months so indulging in such a scrumptious snack felt oh-so naughty, but oh-so good. I remember trying these pains au choc’ a few years ago, and then they vanished for a while. So when I saw these new and improved products, surely it was only right to try them again, right!?

On first impressions they looked great – and normal sized! What is the deal with every gluten free product being a miniature version of it’s ‘normal’ counterpart, for twice the price? It’s one of my major coeliac-gripes, but these looked exactly the same size as the other pains au choc’s I have encountered, so I was instantly impressed.

The packaging said these are best enjoyed warm and I concurred, so into the oven for 10 minutes they went. I wondered if they would be as promising as I had first hoped. Gluten free products tend to be stodgy and I had never before encountered actual flaky gluten free pastry, so I was hopeful these would deliver.

gfb genius pain au choc (6)

Out of the oven was wafting the most delicious, chocolatey smell and I was hard pushed to wait the entire 10 minutes! When I got them out, I instantly broke one in half and to my delight the pastry flaked into pieces – just as I had hoped! The outside was crisp and delicate, the inside warm and fudgy with plenty of oozing, dark chocolate. I was in heaven.

I honestly cannot recommend these enough. They are simply divine. Flaky pastry, delicious filling and a warm buttery taste. It also gives me hope that the quality of gluten free products is continuing to rise. The only thing I’m worried about is that I’m going to end up addicted to these and that will not be good for my waistline!

gfb genius pain au choc (1)

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