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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, here’s something a little different to consider as a present.

Caprine Capers are a Devon-based company, and their confectionary is something of a gourmet delight.

When my boyfriend Steve spotted them at a health and wellbeing day in Barnstaple, they very kindly offered to give me some samples.

I must apologise to Caprine Capers now for taking a terribly long time to review your products, but rest assured everyone, they were worth the wait!

The thing I loved the most about these chocolates is the little finishing touches – tiny sugared bits of ginger, raspberry, violet or even glitter distinguish the different flavour fondants.

But these are so much more than just chocolates – made from the milk of their small herd of goats, these chocolates are a truly delightful result of a cosy, bespoke process.

And because of the fact the chocolates are made with goat’s milk, it’s good news for those who cannot have cow’s milk – finally a chocolate you can eat!

The fondants I tried were really something special – they are a very eloquent confectionary, with unique flavours and you just know the chocolate coating is of a really high quality.

So if you’re Mum is gluten intolerant and you’re looking for something special for mother’s day, these chocolates will definitely put a smile on her face!

For more information or to purchase these deligthful chocolates, visit the Caprine Capers website.

NB: This blog post formerly said that these were lactose free, however some have informed me that those with a lactose-intolerace cannot have goat’s milk. Please check with you doctor or dietician if you are unsure if you can eat goat’s milk.

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