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I always used to dread Mexican nights in my house – everyone tucking into tasty fajitas while I looked on, miserably pushing my chilli and lettuce leaves around the plate. But these family nights are no longer to be dreaded with new gluten free wraps on the market. I’ve previously reviewed the Newburn Bakehouse, ones which I was pretty impressed with (despite the price), but I was looking forward to trying the multigrain wraps from BFree.

The first thing I liked about these were that they were round. The NB ones were square, meaning I still felt different from everyone else, but these make me feel a bit more included.

Ready to rock and roll
Ready to rock and roll

With a table of spicy chicken and chilli con carne, I was looking forward to tucking into these wraps. They look a little rough around the edges but I liked that – it made them feel less ‘factory farmed’, if you catch my drift. They were quite thing but surprisingly strong. I piled mine high with filling and when I wrapped them up I was pleased to see that the filling didn’t drip out or seep through.

I thought these had a nice taste to them and a good texture. I had them warmed up as well which was extra tasty. Apparently Asda are stocking these now, but I haven’t managed to get to a store to see them on the shelves.


Compared with the NB wraps I thought these were a strong competitor. My family said they seem a bit more stodgy than ‘normal’ wraps, but I’d probably put this down to the lack of stretchy gluten! I was impressed and would probably buy them if I was having a ‘treat’ day – I’d like to try them cold with some chicken and salad, or toasted with cheese – delicious!

Have you tried these? I’d love to know what you think! For more info on BFree, visit their website by clicking here.

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  1. I picked them up in Asda a few weeks ago, used them for fajitas and thought they were really good too. They have a better texture than others I’ve tried and didn’t have the icky aftertaste that you often get with GF products. They cost £2.80 for 6 which isn’t too bad-definitely worth it to enjoy fajitas again!

  2. I had these last night myself after I saw them in asda and got very excited. I thought they were very close to the real thing and quiet strong. Love how they came in a resealable freezable bag too! Very reasonable price for 6 wraps I thought.

  3. Oh my thanks on this blog, I’ve been waiting to come across different gf wraps as opposed to NB ones. I found theirs too stodgy, thick, and hates the square as wellas the price. I was overly keen on the taste either. The first pack I loved them, but I thinkIt was because of the initial excitement on finally having fajitas . Second time round the excitement went and I truly paid attention to the taste, texture, and sustainability. I disliked them and haven’t got them since. But with being a celiac you just learn to just ‘make do’ what choice do we have. Anyhow thank you for this post as I am now going to hunt down these new wraps in every local asda. I shall pop back on the results. Fingers crossed I find some hehe