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When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease more than a decade ago (makes me feel old!!) macaroons were one of the few GF treats around, and to say the least, I overdosed on them…big time.

Now I often find I can’t face these sweet, coconut treats, but when the lovely people at Honeyrose Bakery sent me some samples including their Line & Coconut Macaroons, I was intrigued.

Available on their website here for £2.69 a box, they contain five individually wrapped macaroons and seem a great idea for lunch boxes or tea time treats.

I liked the idea these had lime in them, as I often find macaroons too sweet and felt the zesty flavour would balance this out.

I was pleased to find out (as usual, haha!) I was right!

These were really tasty – there was the perfect infusion of lime which gave them a unique flavour and they weren’t too sweet.

Like macaroons should be, they were slightly chewy and a golden colour.

I was also particularly glad to see these are organic – Personal Trainer Steve (the other half) has a big thing about this – which makes them a win all round!

But my favourite bit of all was to see the little write up on the box about the Yellow Flower Foundation set up by the company.

It’s nice seeing a brand not only producing good gluten free cakes, but also doing something ethical as well!

So there you have it, if you fancy a break from the norm, try these unusual macaroons which perfectly combine sharp and sweet for a match made in heaven.

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