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Glutafin Fresh Bread

As the followers of this blog will have gathered from previous posts, I’m a bit partial to a bacon sandwich.

The perfect bacon sarnie is a Sunday morning essential, soft bread with crispy rashers, and a dollop of ketchup, sometimes even mushrooms crammed in there too.

So when I got home to find a sample of Glutafin‘s Select Fresh Brown Loaf on the table, I knew it was a sign that I should get the frying pan out.

When I opened the bread, it smelled yeasty and fresh, and, amazingly and VERY positively, was not crumbly!!

Fairly small slices but soft and delicious!

It’s always a disappointment to open up a loaf to find holey, crumbling bread, but despite being posted across the country, the bread was still beautifully intact and this really impressed me.

The bread was slightly on the small size – smaller than a Genius slice – I would probably need at least 2 sandwiches to fill me up for lunch.

Perfect Sunday morning breakfast!

The loaf was soft and squishable, and each slice looked soft and definitely appetising.

Bacon and mushrooms piled on, I was ready to take a bite!

The bread was soft and not at all crumbly! At first glance I had worried it would be slightly stodgy but it really wasn’t. Perhaps a bit heavier than a lot of gluten free breads, but combined with it’s soft texture I think this is definitely a plus!!

Overall, the bread was soft, with a pleasant taste which really complimented the bacon. Overall marks out of ten for this sandwich would be 8/10 = deductions made for the lack of size!

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