Gingerbread People

Gingerbread men - a blast from the past!

Before I became a Coeliac, I used to love gingerbread men, but unfortunately I’ve never had them since.

Until, that is, I received these two delighful “gingerbread people” through the post from Steph’s Free From Cakes, and I was filled with childhood nostalgia.

Looking irresistable with their cute little raisin buttons, I couldn’t wait to rip the packed open and take a bite!

The rich, warm spiciness was exactly how I remembered it. The perfect relic of non-gluten free biscuits – these made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Perfect with a cup of hot chocolate, these crunchy yet moist biscuits were the perfect texture – with a little bit of soft, chewiness in the centre like all gingerbread men should have!

Stephanie Palmer really is a talented woman – her cakes and biscuits are a real treat for gluten-free people, and I can’t reccommend her enough!

And if you haven’t tried her Carrot Cake (see review here) then you better get onto her website and get ordering now!




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