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When I see the words “gluten free” in a shop window, no matter what the shop is, it’s like a magnet – I have to go in!

Being a penniless student, I tend to head to Asda’s basic (I know, unethical, I am sorry!!) meat section rather than the local butchers.

It’s not that I don’t care of the ethics, I would much rather buy free range if I could afford to  – and for that reason I barely eat meat at Uni.

But when I saw “Gluten free sausages available” in the window of Eatwell Butchers, on Wimborne road, Bournemouth, I just had to go investigate!

Eatwell butchers, based on Winton Highstreet, Bournemouth

I love the feeling in a butchers.

I don’t know if that is wierd!? It just always feels friendly and you know the meat infront of you is fresh and locally sourced.

In true butcher style, the shop owner was friendly (is it a butcher thing that they all call you “darling”?), helpful and pointed me to the correct sausages right away.

A fat looking pork variety (Is there no way I can write about sausages without it sounding like a giant innuendo!?) the tray was already half empty!

I commented to the owner on how nice it was to see gluten-free sausages available near my house.

“I only started making them three weeks ago,” he chirped, “And they’ve sold out every week!”

Feeling confident in my purchase (though at £1.13 for 2 sausages, my bank account was crying!) I set off home to make my fave meal ever – bangers and mash!

I decided to cook my sausages in the oven, as I had been warned by the butcher they were very meaty and I didn’t want them exploding under my horrendously impatient frying skills.

Delicious pork sausages with cheesy mash = yum!

They took about half an hour to cook, and my mouth was watering as I plonked them on my plate!

Coupled with cheesy mash and lashings of thick gravy, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!!

The sausages were delicious!

They were brimming full of lean pork, and had a delicious meaty flavour.

There was no fat or gristle like you sometimes get with sausages, and they were really firm, not mushy at all.

Overall, I was definitely impressed with these sausages and (funds providing) I will be back for more soon!

Eatwell butchers is situated at 440 Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth.



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