Fresh Fibre Rolls from Juvela

Brie, ham and pesto-mayo topping, delicious!

When Juvela sent me some of their new Fresh Fibre Rolls, I was a bit suprised when I pulled a flat looking roll out of the bag. However, despite the unusual shape of these rolls, there were suprisingly delicious, and I discovered that less is now officially more.

Flat and round, but looking suprisingly bread-like, these rolls made me curious. The smell of fresh bread was there, but they were so thin they made me a little doubtful as to whether they had been squashed in the post!

But when I ripped a piece off to try (too impatient to top them at first!) I was amazed at how moist they were. I always expect the worst from gluten-free breads, but this didn’t dry up and crumble in my mouth at all.

These rolls have a really delicious hearty flavour, and the linseeds in the bread make for a mouth-pleasing texture.

Less bread is now definitely more!

Spongy and soft, I decided that I had to try topping it. They cut in half perfectly without crumbling or breaking, and when I topped them with brie, ham and pesto-mayo, they were delicious.

And now I even love the size. I hate it when sandwiches are all-bread-no-filling, and the thickness of these rolls actually compiled the perfect filler-to-bread ratio.

So despite my initial suprise at their size, it seems that Juvela have got it just right! Good things DEFINITELY come in smaller packages!

You can order these rolls on prescription (PIP code: Fresh white rolls 355-8871
Fresh fibre rolls
355-6800). Just ask you GP.

For more information visit the Juvela website here.



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