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Eating out when you have coeliac disease can often be a nightmare. A lot of chefs don’t seem to know what Coeliac disease is, what gluten is, or what goes into their own meals. Here I hope to try and enlighten you to the best places to find gluten free food away from your own kitchen…

North Devon

Boston Tea Party, Barnstaple – gluten free breakfast (click here) and other gluten free offerings (click here)

Starfish Fish and Chips, Barnstaple, North Devon (Gluten free Tuesdays)

Monty’s Caribbean Kitchen, Barnstaple, North Devon

Fremington Quay Cafe, Barnstaple, North Devon

The Custom House, Barnstaple, North Devon

The Boathouse, Instow, North Devon

Henry’s cafe, Barnstaple

Jalapenos Mexican, Barnstaple, North Devon

Baggy’s Surf Cafe, Croyde, North Devon

Chinese Take-away at Han Court, Fremington, Barnstaple, North Devon

Gluten Free Pancakes at GJ’s Pancake Bar, Woolacombe, North Devon

Chinese at the Fullam Restaurant, Barnstaple, North Devon

Sunday Roast at the Black Horse Inn, Braunton, North Devon

Chain stores

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Bristol

Leon – naturally fast food

Prezzo gluten free pizza

Pizza Express gluten free pizza

Pizza Hut gluten free pizza

Domino’s gluten free pizza

Bella Italia – gluten free pizza

La Tasca (Spanish food and tapas!), Bournemouth

Gluten Free Crumble at Wetherspoons


Purebakecakes cafe and bakery, West Moors, Bournemouth

Brown’s Fish and Chip Shop, Alder Road, Poole


Gluten free pizza (and pasta) at Senhor Frogs., Albufeira, Portugal

Flying gluten free with British Airways


Longleat Center Parcs, Longleat, Wiltshire

Lamorna Pottery, Lamorna, Cornwall


  1. Abbie
    April 7, 2013 / 21:49

    The Pilton Fryer, Barnstaple cooks gluten free on Monday nights

  2. Tim Coombs
    April 14, 2013 / 15:54

    Go for yummy Italian Gluten-Free cakes and savoury muffins in Totnes at the Curator Café, 2 The Plains, Totnes, South Devon TQ9 5DR. Thee best coffee in Totnes with Gluten Free cakes cooked on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday and Gluten Free Savoury Muffins on Wednesday and Saturdays. I went here and realised there was nothing my wife, whos coeliac could eat. I offered to make them gluten free cakes which are suitable for coeliacs and made in our own kitchen. I have experimented with many recipes collected from The River Cafe Cook Books, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Anna del Conte, Valentina Harris and Antonio Carluccio, amongst others to create a range of homely cakes that Italians would serve their children and families (as opposed to the sort of showy restaurant cakes which I am not interested in). I have been making these since September 2012 and have had such positive and appreciative feedback from so many people who are gluten free, wheat-free or newly diagnosed coeliacs who are all overjoyed to find a place that has something for them. Recently I have been experimenting with savoury cakes and found that these made as muffins are another success. Do try this fantastic café if you are in Totnes, even make it a detour if you are in South Devon.

  3. Lisa
    November 1, 2013 / 23:26

    Thanks Sara! This is great. I have just moved to Barnstaple and finding GF places to eat out isn’t always easy. If I find any good places I will let you know. 🙂


    • Sarah H (GF Blogger)
      November 16, 2013 / 18:23

      Thanks Lisa, let me know if you find anywhere! I am working on publishing a whole list of everywhere I’ve found which is gluten free in the area – watch this space!

      • Suzanna
        February 3, 2014 / 23:04

        I have found a few places that can cater for gluten & wheat free diet. Pizza Express, Barnstaple are brilliant. Green Lanes Cafe do fab gluten free pannini’s. The Royal & Fortesque do great food & can do gluten free gravy to accompany their carvery. The Custom House have delicious GF burgers including the bun. The New Inn Goodleigh make to order & are very VERY accommodating, fresh oil for chips etc. My favourite GF places to eat are in Westward Ho! Tea on the Green has a delicious selection of cakes, so many to choose from & The Pier House who have a complete GF menu offer outstanding food & a wide choice an excellent place to eat GF food. Enjoy!

      • Mrs Purcell
        August 27, 2014 / 16:07

        Barnstaple Bakery (Pasties, sausages rolls and chocolate slices) and Barnstaple Coffee Shop (Sandwiches, Toasties, English Breakfast and Chocolate Slices). Both on the High street.

    • Emmly
      August 12, 2014 / 22:46

      Arielcts like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

  4. Barry
    May 20, 2014 / 15:16

    As a person who’s physique is sadly testament to having no intolerance to any type of food, I wish to share my up-close experience of “Gluten Intolerance”.

    Virginie is a wife and mother who holds down a very high profile job in Poitiers, France and with her family she was looking forward to a long awaited holiday with my wife and I in Pembrokeshire.
    The day after their arrival, my wife had arranged for us all to go for a meal in St. Davids but Virginie was suffering violent abdominal pains and looking very poorly.
    Nicolas her husband, explained that they had packed food for the journey to Calais but travelling from Dover, they had stayed overnight in a hotel, where they had eaten dinner and breakfast.
    They also took lunch in a restaurant before reaching my home
    “Nic.” explained “Ginnie’s” Gluten intolerance and told us of the reluctance of professionals in France to accept it as such. Nic. went on to explain the problem they have in their region in obtaining suitable gluten free produce.

    It so happens! Our daughter suffered all through school, university and into adulthood being told by numerous medical “Experts” “It’s only period pains Take these and get over it” or “It’s only I.B.S. Take these, you’ll grow out of it”
    We took her everywhere looking for answers. until in desperation we consulted a lady who was considered by some in the medical profession to be (quote) “A Quack” (unquote)
    This dear lady, examined my daughter, carried out tests and never once made light of her problem. Never once did she rush her out the door as if the pains were not real. Over a period, my daughter was given “valuable” advice and a list of what and what not to eat and most of all, “Confidence” in someone who was going to help her control this “Beast”. She gave my daughter back the quality of life denied her through a very important time of a young girls life.

    Is it not strange that the advice given to my daughter by “The Quack” is now being handed out by the more enlightened “Professionals”?

    I digressed purely to point out that we have experience of and can understand and sympathize with “Ginnie’s” discomfort.
    After a couple of days things were back to near normal and we were able to show off our beautiful county and by making packed meals we were even able to spend a day on the Stunning Skomer Island without any tummy problems.
    On our return through Haverfordwest, being peckish after our day on Skomer we called in to The William Owen Hostelry where I was obliged to explain “Ginnie’s” eating out problem and asked Andrew, the manager if he would object if “Ginnie” ate the remainder of her packed meal.
    To our surprise he produced a menu sheet which contained a list of entirely gluten free meals and told us “All Wetherspoon restaurants carry a G/F menu”. The day was rounded off beautifully and during their travels around the UK. my French family made a point of calling in to Wetherspoon houses and requesting “The G/F. menu please”.
    My thanks to “Andrew” in Haverfordwest but why do other Wetherspoon not make this menu more obvious to diners?

    I also have to question:

    Why do more restaurants not carry similar menus?

    And Why oh Why is France yet again dragging it’s heels in accepting that this problem is “REAL”?
    It is not going to go away by ignoring it in the way that this country has for so many years.

    Speaking to “Nic” today, he has informed me that an enterprising ex.pat. is now transporting M&S foods (Most importantly to them, G/F produce) to his area. It is very expensive but “Ainsi soit-il”. It makes “Ginnie’s” life a lot less stressful and who knows? It might even persuade a few forward thinking “Boulangers” that “One size does not fit all” and “Even if the Euro be your driving force!”
    There may even be a profit to be made in catering for these unfortunate sufferers.

    If we can’t cure the problem, at least let’s all do what we can to understand, alleviate and be more tolerant of the gluten intolerance of others.

    Please forgive the ramblings of an old but very concerned granddad.

  5. Mrs Purcell
    July 31, 2014 / 22:09

    Barnstaple Coffee Shop sell GF english breakfast, sandwiches and toasties to eat in or takeaway.
    Barnstaple Bakery sell GF cakes, sausage rolls, chicken pie, steak pasty and cheese and onion pasty (you do need to pre order hot food, they take about 45 minutes to bake)

  6. Chuckles Chippy
    March 31, 2015 / 22:11

    we are located at 418 poole road, branksome, poole, Dorset. Bh12 1df. Our telephone number is 01202 929050. We serve gluten free food every evening from 5pm-9pm. Thank you.

  7. Chuckles Chippy
    March 31, 2015 / 22:14

    we are located at 418 poole road, branksome, poole, Dorset. Bh12 1df. Our telephone number is 01202 929050. We serve gluten free food every evening from 5pm-9pm. We also offer a free delivery service Monday-Thursday from 5pm-9pm (min order applies, within a 3 mile radius). Thank you.

  8. Mr Orthodoxou
    October 10, 2015 / 23:55

    Whitehouse Fish Bar do very tasty fresh gluten free every Monday and Tuesday.
    With an expanding menu and owner always looking for new products it’s one not to be missed.
    200 Walsall Rd
    WS9 0JT

  9. October 28, 2015 / 13:36

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