Delicious Carrot Cake

When I got a package through the post today from Steph’s Free From Cakes, I was very excited!

One of the goodies encased in the bubble wrap was a scrummy looking slice of Carrot Cake (available here!) It look delicious and I couldn’t resist tucking in straight away!

Decorated with icing, this generous portion of cake looked soft and packed full of delicious rasins.

The texture of the cake was incredible – I had to double check the label because I couldn’t quite believe that a gluten free cake could taste like this!

It was moist and soft, and didn’t crumble to pieces at the first bite. Even my housemate Linzi, who had a sneaky bite, was thoroughly impressed, saying it was just like a normal cake.

Delicious carrot cake

What I loved the most about this cake was that you could actually taste the carrot! It may sound stupid, but a lot of carrot cakes don’t seem to taste at all of their namesake. But this cake had just a hint of carrot complimented by the lemon and orange juice tang, which was just perfect.

The cake was also filled with sweet  juicy raisins, to compliment tangy, fruity taste.

Overall, this was an amazing treat, making me feel all warm and homely inside.

Coming up soon, I’ll also be reviewing Steph’s Ginger Bread Men.

For more information, or to purchase any of Steph’s cakes or see the full collection, visit:



  1. LadyBizBiz
    March 6, 2010 / 08:31

    It certainly does look appealling, it has enticed me enough to ‘give it a try’ and that’s quite something because I always bake my own cakes.

    Thanks I shall be back to check out more of your GF choices.

  2. sarahhowells
    March 6, 2010 / 10:54

    I normally bake my own too, but this really was worth it! This woman is a cake genius! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Palmer
    March 6, 2010 / 19:32

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback!! So glad you enjoyed the cake, will send you some different samples to enjoy soon.

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