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For those of you that can’t have dairy as well as gluten, Dairy Free – Deliciously Smooth (from Humdinger) have a range of treats which are gluten, dairy and nut free, AND suitable for vegans!

Beautifully modelled, the dairy free chocolate alternative!

This chocolate, which is made from soya, provides a perfect alternative for those who can’t eat the real thing!

I must first clarify that I don’t really like the taste of soya, so I found reviewing this chocolate very difficult – so I called in some help from my trusty friends!

Despite my dislike of soya, I found this chocolate pleasant enough – if not a little sweet for my taste!

The texture of this was bang on – the chocolate buttons are available in white and normal chocolate flavours and they melt in your mouth just like real chocolate does!

The rice crackle bars had a great texture and crunch – and are available in other flavours including orange, roasted almond, and original.

Overall, I found the bars very sweet and they tasted quite strongly of soya, which makes it very difficult to give an unbiased opinion!

However with the chocolate-like texture and a definite cocoa flavour, I think these would be a great alternative for anyone who cannot have dairy.

My friends seems to gobble down the lot, agreeing that the soya taste was very strong but not unpleasant to them.

One friend who tries to avoid dairy and already uses a lot of soya products said she thought that it didn’t taste exactly like chocolate but if you couldn’t have it, it would be a good second option!

I find it very hard to judge this also, because to me there is no alternative to chocolate! Chocolate is a key factor in my life and as I am lucky enough to be able to eat it, nothing could compare.

These choc treats are available in most supermarkets, for more information their website is here!

Have you tried these chocolate treats? What did you think? Comment below and share your opinion!

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