Chipolatas and Chips!

The best gluten free sausages....EVER!

I was very excited to receive some of the Black Farmer’s Daughter’s Premium Pork Chipolatas through the post the other day, and they looked so good, they went straight into the frying pan!

I really admire The Black Farmer for his work, delicious products and his campaigns for Coeliacs. So it’s even better that his sausages truly are the best gluten free ones I’ve found!

Slightly thinner than your average sausage, these succulent chipolatas are packed full of flavour, without the usual load of wheaty-crap you get in normal sausages.

I always find its the simple things you misss when gluten-free, so I decided to go straight-forward sausage and chips!

Juicy and meaty, these chipolata’s are in a mighty league of their own, and I will definitely be heading out and buying some next time I go shopping!!



  1. Margaret
    March 30, 2010 / 16:03

    The Black Farmer’s Daughter sausages are excellent but I find that our supermarkets keep saying “there is no call for them” and unfortunately they are not available as mail order. What can be done?

  2. sarahhowells
    March 31, 2010 / 20:10

    I can imagine your frustration at this, a lot of people will buy horrible cheap sausages if they are not gluten free, but it’s very unfair that they won’t stock them like this! I would suggest writing and complaining to the manager of your store. Alternativrely, the Black Farmer has a petition on his website that you can sign to get his sausages in your store – you could get as many people as possible in your area to sign it and hopefully it will make a bit of a difference? here is the link, hope this helps:

  3. sarahhowells
    March 31, 2010 / 20:11

    Alternatively, if you would like me to try and contact them, you can get in touch with the store details on

  4. Mike
    April 28, 2010 / 12:58

    Perhaps before buying the Black Farmers sausages you should ask him what he means by this – his words:
    “Our parents established beachheads in the cities; it is now up to our generation to move out of those beachheads and claim the rest of Britain as our own.”

    These are not the only controversial remarks he has made in regard to race. And why no white faces on his young city farmers page?

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