Chinese at the Fullam, Barnstaple

When my friend Lauren announced her birthday meal was going to be at a Chinese restaurant, I was filled with dread and thought I wouldn’t be able to go. But thanks to her ringing them up and asking about my dietary requirements, I was in for a suprise!

The Fullam Restaurant in Tuly Street, Barnstaple, is a renouned Chinese restaurant in the area. Chinese is my ultimate weakness, but they were so helpful here I can finally refuel my addiction!

The waitress who took the order was lovely, and told me to choose a meal and they would either adapt it for me, or I could eat it in the first place. I chose Chicken with Three Mushroom Stirfry, and it was delicious. I love Soy Sauce, and was worried that if they removed it from the dish it wouldn’t taste right, But I was pleasantly suprised as the dish was full of flavour.

Unfortunately, I could not eat the fried rice but the steamed rice was just as tender, and on the plus side I got a bowl to myself!

With a warm atmosphere, and extremely helpful staff, I would definitely reccommend this restaurant for a gluten free take-away or meal in. As long as you advise them as to your diet, they can cater for you!


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