Childhood Treats

Reverting back to childhood cereals, yum!

When I was little I remember that my Mum would never let us have chocolate cereals, unless we went camping and got a variety pack.

Now I’m gluten-free, I haven’t really indulged in chocolate cereals much, but as soon as I saw these in the shop, I had to get some!

These Organic and Gluten Free Chocolate Stars are made by Dove’s Farm, who many of you will probably have bought gluten free flour from!

Rich and chocolatey, these chocolate treats made from maize are suprisingly like the chocolate cereal I wanted as a child.

They are light and airy, but suprisingly filling.  really enjoyed a bowl of these for breakfast. Infact, I even went for seconds!

I think I was luck that when I was diagnosed I was slightly older. When all your friends are eating fun snacks and cereals it can be really annoying watching them. But these chocolate stars are definitely going to be a hit with children, and those who are children at heart!


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