Bacon Roll Anyone?

If you love bacon rolls, then these beauties make the perfect soft, tasty accompaniment to your favourite cut of bacon!

Crispy bacon for the win!

Juvela Part Baked Fibre Rolls are the easy answer to getting fresh, edible gluten free bread.

Pop one of these rolls in the oven for 15 minutes, et voila, fresh, warm bread!

The outside becomes delightfully crusty, like real bread should, whilst the inside is soft and warm, perfect with melted butter!

Or infact, a bacon sarnie, which I decided to opt for!

With the extra fibre they provide, these are perfect for Coeliacs. Fibre is important especially to us, as it aids digestion and helps keeps things running smoothly!

Best eaten whilst still warm, I would definitely reccommend these for filled rolls, with a cheese board, or just fresh and warm with hot melted butter!

They’re so good infact, that i think I’m going to go have another one now…


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  1. Lauren
    March 9, 2010 / 13:05

    mmmmm that looks good. I want a bacon roll now!

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