Back to Uni…Time for Ready Meals!

So it’s back to Uni this week and, in true student style, I decided to opt for a ready meal for my first night back!

How it look's on the packet...

I decided to try a Dietary Specials Gluten Free Beef Lasagne as my local Asda had just started stocking them.

Coming in at only 353 calories, this tasty looking ready meal seemed to be a healthy alternative and so I gave it a shot. It was ready in just 7 minutes of microwaving – perfect as I was starving after my journey back!

It didn’t look quite as perfectly arranged as the packaging illustrated, and I decided not to attempt to empty it onto a plate as it was quite sloppy!

the reality...yum!

That being said – it was delicious!

There was a generous helping of rich tomato sauce and fine mince, which was perfectly completemented by the creamy Bélchamel sauce. The lasagne was the perfect texture and I loved the crispy, cheesy bits round the edges!

I did find that I couldn’t quite finish the sauce as there was rather a lot of it, but apart from that it was the perect sized portion and left me feeling satisfied! I’m not knocking the amount of sauce though – I would far rather have too much than too little and it was a refreshing change from the usual restricted sized portions we Coeliacs are faced with!

Overall this was a delightfil start to the term, and definitely the perfect meal for a tasty quick fix!



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  2. SuperPie
    January 17, 2010 / 13:10

    Yet another good review, well done! This blog is brilliant 😀

    Lots Of love
    Steve xxxxx

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