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For those of you who have followed this blog for a while now, you’ll notice that I have a slight obsession with chocolate brownies…(see previous recipes and reviews!)

I couldn't even wait to start eating it!

And this one is definitely a goodun, found in my uni shop!

Clive’s Organic gluten free chocolate brownie is among a range of gluten free pieas, cakes and quiches, and is devlishly morish!

Made in Devon (YAY!) which obviously counts towards the amazing quality of this product, this is one of the best chocolate brownies around!

Not that I’m biased or anything….

But in all completely-objective honesty, this brownie is so good, and I ended up spending a LOT of money on them during my first year!

Moist on the inside with a slightly crunchy edge, it’s the perfect brownie texture.

Plus chunks of choc and nuts in the mix give a varied and exciting texture and taste!

Normally around £1 (even though I got this one cheap, red sticker in the background gives it away!) it’s a little pricey but not more than expected from the normal gluten free pricing standards!

Next up I’ll be buying some of their gluten free pies, has anyone tried them??

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  1. I used to eat Clives pies at uni all the time, even though I didn’t need gluten free stuff to satisfy my pie requirements! They are very, very good! Moroccan chickpea and hungarian goulash ones I seem to remember being good. In response to the brownies, Nigella – culinary goddess and all round awesome lady – has a flourless brownie recipe – should be suitable for gluten free folk I would have thought? Perhaps try it out xxx