An African bean palava

An African bean palava

Oddly enough, when Christina from Easy Bean got in touch with me, I had recently been experimenting with pulses.

Quirky packaging, yummy product!

A great source of protein, tasty and versatile – beans and lentils have become regular items on my shopping list.

So these easy, one pot meals, packed full of pulses and all with at least one of your five-a-day, seemed to be perfectly timed to fall into my life.

Those of you that know me, will know I have a complete obsession with Africa.

Everything about this amazing continent fascinates me, so I was instantly drawn to the African Palava pot.

The first thing I absolutely loved about this product was the packaging.

I completely adore packaging which keeps you entertained whilst the product cooks.

The inside of the cardboard cover has a full story on the inside, including a bit about the overall meal, some “beany info”, some funky facts and the health values.

So, onto a good start, I placed my bean pot in the microwave for three minutes as I perused my reading material.

The description of this meal is: “Brown bean and free range chicken with sweet potato and spinach in a spicy peanut sauce”.

A delicious palava!

The wrapper suggests you can eat this either on it’s own, or with brown rice and fried plantain for a true African feel.

Being in a bit of a rush, I decided to opt for just eating it on it’s own.

At first, I was a little apprehensive as to whether this dish would be too spicy for me, or have too strong a taste of peanuts.

However – the combination of flavours was spot on!

I am not a fan of big nutty flavours, but this dish had a subtle nutty undetone which worked deliciously well with the whole dish.

The chunks of free range (Devonshire – yes!) chicken were generous, as was the sweet potato – one of my favourite vegetables!

I had never tried brown beans before, but I will definitely be adding them to my list of things to cook with as they were delicious!

Overall, I was really impressed with this dish.

It was almost like a chunky soup, and would also have been perfect with a serving of rice to soak up the juices!

Bold flavours, big ingredients and healthy too – this pot contains two of your five-a-day, and loads of great nutrients from the “super food” beans and spinach!

I’m not normally a fan of one-pot meals such as these, but this has definitely inspired me and delighted my taste buds!

To see more of Easy Bean’s products, visit their website by clicking here.



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