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It’s the Allergy and Free From Show this weekend (July 5-7) and there is plenty to be excited about. If you’re a first-timer, it can be a bit daunting to know where to start. There are SO many gluten free things to see! However, I’ve scoured the list of exhibitors to break down a few I think are worth visiting! Of course, I might have missed some, so please do grab a show guide on the way in and work your way around. But here are a few to whet your appetite.

Also, if this is your first time at the Allergy and Free From Show, you might want to read my handy tips for the show here. Before we get started, a few things to remember are:

  • This is a FREE FROM show, not a GLUTEN FREE show, so PLEASE make sure you double check if you can eat samples before you try them as some may contain gluten.
  • As regards the above, there are more vegan brands than I’ve ever seen at the show, and not all of them will be gluten free (or suitable for milk allergies) so always double check.
  • Grab a show guide to make sure you can plan out your timings for the day and not miss out anything – there’ll also be a floor plan.
  • Remember there are other shows going on at the time same time (the floor will be colour coded as per the map) so if you end up surrounded by skin care, you might have ventured too far!
  • Tickets are FREE so if you haven’t already, you can grab them on this link here. Doors open at 10am each day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So without further ado, here are a few things I am looking forward to at the London Allergy and Free From Show 2019….

FREEE by Doves Farm Kitchen

Every year FREEE by Doves Farm gets a variety of guests in cooking up a storm. I mean obviously the first reason to come down is to see me cook/destroy some gluten free mug cakes at 11am on Friday. But some of my other bloggers friends will be whipping up some treats throughout the days, highlights including Gluten Free Alice, Laura from My Gluten Free Guide, Emma from She Can’t Eat What, Healthy Living James, Becky Excell and many more. Definitely worth a trip.

allergy and free from show 2019

The Learning Theatre

Yep, this is second on my list because I’m also one of the many speakers – come see Laura from My Gluten Free Guide and I giving out ‘No Gluten No Cry’ talk at 3pm on Saturday. We’ll also have a very exciting announcement at the end so don’t miss it! There are some other fabulous speakers talking on a range of subjects, you’re guaranteed to find something relevant to you.

Schär Delischios

I’m pretty sure everyone will be heading to the (show sponsors) Schär stand to try their brand new gluten free Delischios – aka gluten free Malteasers! These are guaranteed to be a hit so definitely swing by and see if you can grab some before they launch in shops next week.

The Innovation Kitchen

This is where you can find some new and upcoming free from brands. The big brands might be able to afford the massive stands but this will be well worth a visit. Speaking of, I’ll be heading that way to find….

Mitch’s Kitchen

I’m particularly looking forward to trying Mitch’s Kitchen – who do some amazing gluten free and vegan ready meals! I met Mitch at a blogger event years ago and I’m so excited for him and his business. The meals look delicious and I’m desperate to try them.

gluten free beer coeliac the gluten free blogger 7

Jubel Beer

Jubel is my FAVOURITE gluten free beer – not only does it taste incredible but they also offset all their emissions, it’s vegan, and the packaging is plastic free. They’ve just launched a grapefruit ‘Coast’ beer to sit alongside their elderflower and peach flavours and I am well and truly hooked. This is a good chance to try the newbie!


My favourites Juvela will be at the show this year, sharing tasters of their delicious bread. The team will also be on hand to help with prescription queries, they’re all so lovely so I recommend heading over to have a chat with them about their products.

Hunter and Gather

I love these guys and their avocado mayo is to die for – particularly the garlic one! They do an amazing range of paleo, gluten free oils and mayos, as well as their new collagen peptides. I’ve bought a pack of these already as it’s meant to be great for gut health as well as your hair, nails and skin. Co-founder Amy is also coeliac so they know their stuff!

Freefrom Family Corner

The Freefrom Family Corner is new to the show this year and SUCH a good addition. As well as entertainment for the kids, there will also be loads of interesting talks, including from the parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, founders of Natasha’s Army. They’ve moved milestones for the allergy community and I think their talk will be both informative and emotional.

white rabbit pizza co allergy free from show 2019

The White Rabbit Pizza Co.

I mean do I actually need to give any more explanation as to why to visit The White Rabbit Pizza Co? Their pizzas are AMAZING and you should go and try it. That is all.

Rana’s Artisan Bakery

Rana’s just does the most amazing gluten free bread and bread-making kits and are definitely worth checking out. It’s nice to find new brands that aren’t in the supermarkets so you should stock up while you get the chance!

My Gammie’s

I’ve never heard of My Gammie’s before, but having had a look at their Instagram account I’m intrigued to try their goodies. Their baked goods are free from all1 4 allergens and vegan accredited, and they’ve won a Free From Gold Award for their cupcakes too.


If you haven’t tried the B-Tempted gluten free cupcakes yet, then you must! I’ve been a huge fan of this brand for years and love seeing them at the show each year. I just hope they’ve brought the purple wigs again!

Guruji Snacks

I’ve never even heard of popped Lotus Seeds before but now I’ve seen them I want to try them! I love all the innovative ideas that come out at shows like this – these vegan and gluten free snacks come in a variety of flavours and I’m intrigued to try them all!

allergy and free from show london 2017 39

Holy Moly Dips

I swear down that Holy Moly Dips is THE BEST guacamole I have ever bought! I might just fill up my suitcase with them because they’re exhibiting this year and I’m excited to try them. I just hope they have something gluten free to dip with – or just a spoon!!

Daura Damm

This is one of the best gluten free beers out there – Daura Damm do two amazing beers and I’m excited to see them at the show again. If you haven’t tried them before then head on over and try some.

Honeyrose Bakery / Kent & Fraser

I absolutely love both these brands – I remember Kent and Fraser were one of the first companies to ever send me products to try, some nine years ago now! I’ll definitely be swinging by their stand – the K&F gluten free cherry and pecan toasts are amazing!

Le Pains Des Fleurs

Oh wow, these gluten free tartines craquantes look lovely! I’d never heard of Le Pain Des Fleaurs before but they look delicious. It’s nice to see overseas brands exhibiting here – make sure you stock up if you love them!

Promise Gluten Free

If you haven’t tried the chocolate chip brioche (seriously, where have you been!?) then you simply must head over here and try it. Promise do some lovely gluten free bread and the brioche is my particular favourite.

allergy and free from show london 2017 top tips

Yummy Things Bakery

From a look at their Instagram, Yummy Things Bakery do a lot of tasty treats! Some vegan options too – so definitely might be worth a look.

Autumn Brewing Company

I remember trying some of this gluten free beer last year and it was lovely – I’ll definitely be swinging by to try more this year! Lovely to see plenty of breweries this show.

Fodiliscious and Fody Food Co

I don’t follow the low FODMAP diet but I know a lot of people do – so it’s good to see these two brands exhibiting. I’d recommend paying both a visit if you’re low FODMAP as they’ll have a great range for you to try!

Anything I’ve missed?

There are probably lots of cool brands I’ve missed and after I’ve been to the show on Friday I may well update this, so do check back! Likewise if you spot anything, do let me know in the comments so everyone else can find them too! I’ll be posting on my Instagram stories as I find things so come give me a follow if you don’t want to miss out!

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