A Genius Idea!

When I saw Genius Bread on the shelf in Tescos, I picked it up thinking “not another crappy loaf of bread!” But the instant my fingers wrapped around the loaf I felt it squash beneath my hands…like real bread. I scoured the pack, unable to believe that this soft loaf I held in my hands could possibly be gluten free, but it was! Frantically I swept the whole shelf of it into my trolley, dashed home and made the first sandwich I have had in nine years.

And possibly the best.

I still can’t believe how much like real bread it is. This is the bread that I remember: soft, moist and tasty. I can’t get

Genius Bread - The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread!
Genius Bread - The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread!

enough – toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, toasty for dinner! My boyfriend, Steve, rolls his eyes at me for getting so excited about bread, but only fellow Coeliacs can understand my hype!

The creator of the bread is Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, who after finding her children diagnosed with food intolerances slaved away to create a bread which meant we Coeliacs didn’t have to sacrifice good tasting food. And she deserves a medal, she really does. What she has come up with is a miracle; a bread which doesn’t have to be a compromise.

There is only one thing I can say about this bread, you have to try it. Now.



  1. Pat
    July 15, 2009 / 21:34

    cool blog… great concept. I’m sure it’ll be a useful tool for coeliacs all over the place. Entertaining writing style too.

    Niiiice x

  2. Ellen Pitt
    February 10, 2010 / 13:37

    It is absolutely delicious and I agree that for the first time in 11 years I can enjoy toast for breakfast and have a decent sandwich….I just wish we could have it on prescription or other GF manufacturers took note as most of their breads are simply disgusting and for the most part inedible. Also it is interesting the difference in price from Goodness Direct and Tesco?

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  4. HayleyLope
    March 6, 2010 / 23:50

    I pick this a lot whilst I’m working on DOTCOM at Tesco, so it must be very popular 🙂

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