A busy weekend – no oats!

So it’s day four of the oat detox and apart from coming down with a hideous cold (timing, as always, is impeccable!) I seem to be feeling a lot better!

My stomach seems to be feeling a lot better, and I’ve started to wake up hungry again – which hasn’t happened for a while!

This may be coincidence, but generally after four whole days oat-free I’m definitely seeing an improvement.

The impressive bonfire at Torrington last night!!

Aside from that – it’s been a perfect bonfire weekend!!

After having a (gluten free) warm chicken and bacon salad at Wetherspoons, yesterday’s pre-bonfire afternoon was spent enjoying some winter sunshine in the beer garden!

The salad was delicious – but I felt a rather small portion and I had to buy the crumble afterwards to keep warm and fill up in the chilly garden!!

At the fireworks display in Torrington, North Devon, the mobile pancake bar from GJ’s was there and I rushed over to grab some of their gluten free pancakes!

Unfortunately for me, they had run out 🙁 but even the lack of gluten free pancakes and the rain couldn’t but a downer on the evening!

So there’s been an abundance of gluten free food for me this weekend – it’s been a perfect bonfire night and I’m now ready to cosy up in my new microwavable slippers with a hot chocolate, and wait for Christmas!!



  1. Ali Benson-Smith
    November 7, 2010 / 22:21

    Sainsbury’s sell Free From Oats which are proper oats (not those shocking rice flakes labelled as oats). They are made for Sainsbury by Delicious Alchemy, although good supermarkets and deli’s stock Delicious Alchemy’s own version. Not cheap at £2.99, but if you need a great porridge for breakfast, that’s where it’s at. Also I tend to make my own flapjack and take it along with me when I’m out and about, it travels pretty well and is a great satiety fixer!! As a fellow Coeliac, ‘normal’ oats (which are infected with gluten during the milling process) make me exceptionally ill.

  2. sarahhowells
    November 8, 2010 / 16:54

    I got really excited when I tried these but they still seem to make me ill 🙁 According to Coeliac UK, I’ve just been reading that 1 in 20 people are still affected by uncontaminated oats such as these! Am going to give it a week or so then try them again – just to make sure it’s that as I normally live off porridge and don’t want to give it up!!

  3. Pauline
    November 8, 2010 / 20:37

    I was dismayed at having to give up my porridge with salt AND sugar(weird?)so tried them again and was ok; however flapjack (homemade)had a disastrous effect, so I don’t risk ANY oats now.

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